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recommended parts for e-bike conversion


I would like to convert a standard (hybrid) bike to an e-bike. Can you recommend a parts list for this around the following requirements:


1) LiFePo4 battery

2) Variable-speed thumb-throttle

3) 24V or 36V system

4) I will obtain a 250W 8FUN motor which I don’t see on your website (please note if it requires a hall effect sensor).

The 8FUN mid drive electric bicycle motors have built in speed controllers, and throttle connectors that we do not carry, so I recommend getting the throttle from the same distributor that you get the motor from.

We do have LiFePO4 batteries that will work with the 8FUN motors though and they are located on this page:

If you need help choosing a LiFePO4 battery or batteries to make a battery pack for the 8FUN bicycle kit then please let us know.

The 8FUN I am referring to is a 250 or 350W front wheel hub motor.


We carry LiFePO4 batteries, controllers, and throttles that will work with the 8FUN hub motors.

Here is a parts list:

Once we narrow down exactly which parts are needed then we could make a kit with a battery pack wiring harness and matching connectors on every part so they are all plug-and-play with each other.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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