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Outdated scooter

Hey there. I have an outdated scootertek 500zx that I want to completely update with new parts. What would you recommend?
This scooter is also a 48 volt 4x12v battery pack
Do you plan to use the existing hub motor and wheel or want to upgrade the rear wheel to one with a more powerful motor?
I plan to upgrade to a rear wheel. Needs more power as it is. As well as that. Would I be able to get a wiring schematic for all the wires? Also had to update my ignition switch as the old one had fried out. I am also on a limited budget so I'd like to make this a gradual update. Thank you for your response

Thank you for your questions. I checked and we do not have a wiring schematic for the Scootertek 500ZX electric scooter. Unfortunately neither do we have a rear wheel for it. The only advise I can think to give is to continue to search online for the wiring schematic and rear wheel with more powerful motor.

I see. That is rather unfortunate. Thank you very much for your time and look forward to potentially doing business with you in the next few months.

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