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Brand New to this. Motorized Wagon.

i had the idea this past weekend as i was hauling kids around in our simple garden wagon (The metal type from home depot or lowes for $99.99) - why not motarize this to help with the increasing weight!!

Can anyone help on a simple, DIY addition of an electric motor to help with this situation?   Let me know.  Thanks!


Installing a live axle, axle bearing kit, and new rear wheels onto the wagon would increase the cost the project and the live axle bearing hangers would need to be welded onto the wagon's frame. So installing a live axle is not something that I recommend doing unless you really need the wagon to have two wheel drive.

Onother thing to consider is that if the wagon does not have suspension, as most wagons do not, then if traveling over uneven terrain one of the rear wheels may lift slightly off of the ground and cause a loss of traction if the wagon is one wheel drive

For a live axle setup a different sprocket and an axle adapter would need to be added to the kit. An axle adapter that directly attaches to the sprocket could be used, or an axle adapter that attaches to the sprocket with a freewheel could be used so the wagon could be pulled forward by hand without any drag or interference from the motor.

We have axle adapters, freewheels, and sprockets available for live axles. Adding an axle adapter and compatible sprocket to the kit would raise the kits cost by around $50.00.

ok, will probably just stick with the single wheel.  You think that should be fine?  and will produce that 3.1 mph for nice walking? 

and the motor should be able to handle the heavier weights in the wagon? 

Single wheel drive should work great on relatively flat and dry surfaces. I would only recommend using two wheel drive if you are driving the wagon through sand, mud, wet grass, or up steep unpaved hills.

With 10" wheels the 36 tooth sprocket in KIT-145-D will provide a top speed of 3.13 miles per hour which is considered to be normal walking speed.

With the top speed being 3.13 miles per hour and the 350 Watt half horsepower motor included with KIT-145-D the wagon will have a lot of torque and will be able to pull a 500 pound load up hills. On flat ground the wagon would have even more pulling capacity and could move up to 1000 pounds or more with ease.

Do you have any other photos that you can share for the installation?  I am ordering the kit today.  Thanks again for all of your help. 

You are welcome and thank you for placing your order with us. I searched our beach wagon forum posts and could not find any other photos of electric beach wagons that show the motor to wheel or axle part of the installation. We have sold many of these beach wagon kits however have not too many photos of the finished beach wagons have been posted here.

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