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Wheels for electric childrens trike


I'm making a small electric trike for a child and I'm looking for wheels and brakes. I havent found exactly what I want on the website, so I'm wondering if you would be able to suggest some part numbers that I could place an order? Or perhaps some other suggestions?

I'd like three electric scooter wheels (200mm x 50mm) with tubes, tires, axles and bearings

- one wheel with brakes (similar to WHL-235 but without the sprocket, this will be the front wheel of the trike)

- one wheel with only a chain sprocket

- one wheel with neither brakes nor sprocket

I would also like a brake lever suitable for a childs hand.



I checked and we have a limited selection of wheels with 200x50mm tires available. We have a couple of front wheel that do not have brakes or sprockets, however we do not have any with brakes and no sprocket, or with a sprocket but no brakes. The brakes and sprockets on our 200x50 wheels are removable though so you could modify them to match your specifications.

For a brake lever that fits small hands I recommend our LEV-25 if you need one with a switch, and our LEV-53L and LEV-53R if you need them without brake switches.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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