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American Engines Pedal Power Cycle Chair Tricycle Rebuild Kit

Hi I am looking to completely update my fathers 3 wheeled scooter for him but am in sure at what all I would need. I am looking at re wiring, putting a bigger motor, and also replacing the switch box throttle, breaks any help or insight would be appreciative. Thanks

(3.28 MB)
Sounds good thanks for the heads up
When making the kit today I realized that this is not a normal kit for us because the batteries are not in the same box, and the throttle and reverse switch wires will probably need to be longer than the wires that these parts have on them. We can make extension cables for the reverse switch and throttle so they will plug into the other parts, I would just need to know how long these cables need to be.

For the battery pack wiring harness we could make it if you could let us know the lengths that the wires need to be, or we could include wire and connectors with the kit and you could make this wiring harness onsite yourself.

The throttles and reverse switches that we have require handlebars with open ends like the HBR-795 handlebar that I attached a photo of in an earlier reply. This handlebar has a 1" OD stem clamp mounting area designed for stem clamps with a 1" ID. Before I add this handlebar onto the kit could you please let me know if this is the handlebar that you want to use and if it will fit the stem clamp on the bike?
For the throttle and reverse switch I would need 9feet in wire and yeah add the handlebars they will work. The batteries are 9 1/2 in from terminal to terminal across the top but just add it with the connectors and I'll wire that myself
Okay that sounds great. I will start working on the kit today and reply again with a link to it.
Sounds good thank you
Okay I have the kit ready now. This has been the most challenging kit so far to figure out how to put together so it has taken a lot longer than usual to make. The kit's item number is KIT-154 and here is a link to it:

I included 4 feet of red and 4 feet of black 12 gauge wire with the kit to wire up the batteries. We will wire the three relay connectors to the controller for the main power relay, and for the reverse relays, and leave wires coming out of the relay holders that go to the battery pack and motor. These wires will be marked with "Motor" and "Battery" labels.

I included extension cables with the kit so the throttle and reverse switch will have 9 feet of cable between them and the controller.

Please have a look at all of the parts in the kit and let me know if you have any questions or if you would like any changes made to the kit.
Hey want to make a few changes I want to delete the batteries my father said the ones he has are pretty new but want to keep the wire for the batteries. Also can you add a drum brake, cable, and brake lever. Also do you know if any of your headlights would fit on the bike

I made a revised kit without the batteries. It is item # KIT-154-V2 and here is a link to it:

The only drum brake that we currently have is item # BRK-200 which is sold on this page:  

I do not know if this drum brake would fit the PedalPower tricycle however we do have them in stock so please let me know if that is the brake that you want and I will add it to the kit.

We have many different brake cable length sizes and brake levers so I recommend to take a look at all of them and then let me the know the item numbers of the ones that you want added to the kit. Here are links to our brake cables and levers.

All of our brake levers fit the handlebars that are included with the kit. The controller in the kit has an input for a brake lever switch so if you choose a brake lever with a normally open switch then we will wire it to connect to the controller, then when the brake lever is pulled the motor will turn off until the lever is released.

Please let me know what the item numbers of the brake, brake cable, and brake lever are that you would like added to the kit and I will go ahead and add them.

I'm about to start re wiring the bike but was wondering where the ATO fuse holder with the 12 ga red wire connects too. Do you have a wiring diagram for the kit I bought?
I did not make a wiring diagram for the kit when it was in our shop however that would have been a good idea. We did place labels on the wires to indicate what they connect to.

The ATO fuse holder could go anywhere between the battery pack and controller, however it is best to install it as or attached to the jumper wire which goes between two of the batteries. That way if there is a short anywhere in the wires between the batteries and controller the fuse will blow. Here is a drawing showing what I an talking about.


Hopefully this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions, or need any further help with getting the kit installed.

One last question the battery charger port that connects to the bike where do I connect the black and red wires.
I would connect the battery charger port wires directly to the battery pack in the same location that the main output wires are bolted on. I usually crimp ring connectors onto the charger port wires and and install them using the same bolts that holds the main wires onto the batteries. Here is a drawing showing what I am talking about.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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