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Electric Mini Bike Conversion Kit Needed

I wanted to convert a gas powered mini bike to electric for my daughter (and me too lol) Need enough power to haul my 200 lbs around. We will be mostly be using it on grass and wooded trails with a few slight inclines but not too steep. Speed is not too important to me but having enough tourque for me to keep it moving for a 5-6 mile range. I already have 4 -12 volt 12ah batteries which I have room to mount in the bike.

Here is what I think I will want in a kit.

#MOT-481000B (48V 1000W motor/with the base plate)

#SPD-481000C (48V 1000W controller)

#THR-50 (48V full twist throttle/with power meter)

#LEV-30 (left hand brake lever/switch)

#CHR-48V1.6A3P (battery charger/3port)

#CNX-515 (charger port with wires)

#SWT-125 (power switch with wires)

#FUS-364 (ato fuse holder with 14 gauge wires)

#FUS-ATO40  (10 pack of 40amp blade fuses) --I think 40amp fuses is what I need

Also I would like all the matching connectors with labels  and battery connectors to make it easier for me to plug and play lol

What do you think about all this? Do you think this would be sufficient for my needs? If so, would you make this up into a kit for me to order. I live in Canada so I hope there is not problem shipping this stuff to me.

On another note, I know the motor comes with a 8mm chain sprocket. I think the bike has a rear spocket for a #35 chain. They are very close in size, but will it work or would the chain tend to pop off or wear on  the sprocket and chain unusually?

I don't know if I can find a rear sprocket for 8mm chain that would fit my bike. I could order the #SPR-3510 ( #35 sprocket). Any input on this would be appreciated.


We have several modification kits for electric scooters that will work equally well for an electric mini bike. Here is the link to them:

All of the parts in your list are 100% compatible with each other and we can make a kit out of them with matching and labeled connectors. The 48 Volt 1000 Watt motor will have enough power for speeds over 20 mph and if geared for slower speeds like 10 or 15 mph it will have a lot of hill climbing power. Four 12V 12Ah batteries should be good for a 6 mile or longer range at full throttle, and even more range at slower speeds.

We ship parts to Canada almost everyday so that is no problem for us at all.

8mm and #35 sprockets and chains are not interchangeable with each other. The pins on 8mm chain are around 1/8 inch closer together than the pins are on #35 chain which is too much of a difference for them to be used with each other.

Our SPR-3510 10 tooth sprocket for #35 chain is a direct fit for the MOT-48100B motor.

I can go ahead and make the kit if you are ready. Would you like the SPR-3510 to be included with the kit?

Ok sounds good. Please make the kit for me. And yes add the sprocket for me. I will get it drilled out. I will order it at the first of the week. Will it add the shipping, duty and taxes for me when I order it? I live in Ontario, Canada. Love your website!
Thanks for your positive feedback about our website.

I went ahead and made the kit with the sprocket. It is our item number KIT-4810 and here is the link to it:

The shipping rates are different depending on the destination address and can be determined by adding the kit into our shopping cart and then entering your country, province, and postal code to the cart and clicking on the recalculate button.

Shipping will be added to the order during checkout however duty and taxes will need to be collected by the shipping company when they deliver the package. I recommend using USPS or FedEx for shipping to Canada because they include broker fees with their shipping cost while UPS charges $30.00 extra for broker fees when they deliver.

Also please be warned that all of our prices are in US Dollars and the charge on your card will be converted to Canadian Dollars when you see the bill. The conversion rate today is $1 USD to $1.34 CAD so today the CAD price will be 34% higher than the USD prices listed on our website.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Also it is not too late for changes to be made to the kit, so if there are any changes that you would like made please let us know.
I just ordered the kit. Thanks for all your help. You definitely made it fast and easy for me and a picture of everything was a nice touch. Would definitely recommend your site. Once I get the build done and tested, I will update this thread on how it works out for me with pics included. Thanks again. :)
Thanks for your order. I made a note on your order for the technician who builds the kit to include a wiring harness for the batteries so that will be included with the kit when it arrives. We are looking forward to seeing pictures of mini bike after it has been converted.

Well I finally got around to converting that mini bike to electric with 48v 1000 watt motor/

Everything went pretty smooth after figuring out where I wanted to mount everything. Took some looking to find the right size waterproof electrical box to mount the controller in. I was able to mount the on/off switch and the charging port in the box too. Had to bore the sprocket out a bit to accept the right chain size sprocket but no big deal. The kit you guys made me was super easy to install everything. Already had the plugs on the end of all wires and labelled. The bike turned out great. Lots of torque and enough speed. I will have to wait till it gets warmer out to figure out the exact speed and range I get with this setup.

I was teaching my young daughter how to ride it on the weekend. She was having a hard time getting use to it. Its a lot of torque right off the start for her. I tried telling her not to panic when she gets moving and not to jerk the throttle back like you see people do on Americas funniest home videos. And what does she do.....she panics and goes full throttle into the side of my boat in the driveway. LOL She wasn't hurt but broke the front fender right off. We were both laughing our butts off afterwards. I think  we will go out in the wide open field next time.

Thanks again for your help and your kit you made up for me. Everything worked perfect.

I attached a few pics of the mod.

(2.21 MB)
(1.82 MB)
(2.15 MB)
(2.29 MB)
(2.35 MB)
(2.77 MB)

I want to do this to my son's Doodle minibike. What kind of operating time are you getting out of this set up on average?

For anyone else reading this who needs a sprocket for #35 chain or #420 chain for their motor we have a sprocket for #35 chain that fits our MOT-481000B motor along with all other MY1020 and ZY1020 motors including Boma 48 Volt 1500, 1600 and 1800 Watt brushless motors and 60 Volt 2000 Watt brushless motors. 

This is our item # SPR-3510 and it is available on our #35 Chain Sprockets page.


We also have a sprocket for #40, #41 and #420 chain with 11 teeth that fit the same motors as listed above. 

It is our item # SPR-42011 and it is available on our #40, #41 and #420 Chain Sprockets page.


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