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36 volt gearmotor durability

Hi I am working on a differentially steered (1 motor driving each pair of wheels) zero-turn all electric radio controlled utility vehicle for doing work around my property.  I am considering custom built gearboxes with roller chain reduction (before secondary chain reduction) due to a fear that off the shelf geared scooter motors may not stand up to the abuse, but I would like to avoid the machining and labor involved in that first stage gearbox construction if possible.  I guess my question is: do your moderators /employees have first hand experience with or know of anyone that has used either of the below 36 volt gearmotors in a situation that required frequent reversing?  I am concerned that the gears in these motors were designed primarily for one direction only scooter type acceleration, not the 'hammering' of reversing frequently as I would be requiring of them (I have a dual motor controller on the way that 'softens' the instant reverse a bit).  I believe I read somewhere that the planetary gears were plastic (not that that is a deal breaker if they are heavy pitch).  Any idea what pitch the gear in the spur gear motor is (guessing module 1, maybe)?  Width?  Also, my machine will be running at 48 volts as I need the higher voltage to deliver adequate levels of power to pto-type driven attachments for the platform.  How do the 1020 style 36 volt motors stand up to slight over volting?  Ive come across 48v versions of both styles on alibaba/made in china sites...are you guys able to source other models than the 36 volt?  Any additional information about the performance and durability of the gearmotors in slightly extraordinary applications would be appreciated.



 Item # MOT-36600G

36 Volt 600 Watt Electric Scooter Gear Motor

Item # MOT-36600PL

36 Volt 600 Watt Planetary Gear Motor with Cooling Fan

(1.5 MB)
I have not helped with or worked on any projects using these gear motors which were subject to frequent reversing such as your utility vehicle will be subject to. I haven't had the 36 Volt 600 Watt gear motor with planetary gears apart before so I do not know what materials, pitch, or width its gears are. I have had the 36 Volt 600 Watt non-planetary gear motor apart before and it uses two steel gears and has sealed bearings at all bearing points. If I were to choose a motor for a project like yours it would be the MOT-36600 non-planetery gear motor because it has less moving transmission parts and all ball bearing construction so it should be less likely to wear out from frequent reversing.

Overvolting a 36 Volt motor with 48 Volts can be tough on it if the load on the motor is significant. Volts do not damage electric motors though, only heat does. So as long as the motors do not overheat they will last a long time. I have a feeling like your utility vehicle will be used fairly hard though so I would recommend using 48 Volt motors to provide it with highest possible reliability. We can order these gear motors in their 48 Volt versions. I am not sure if the factory has them already produced or if we would have to special order them and be subject to a minimum order quantity. I could check and find out of you are interested though. We have a container leaving port in around 6 -8 weeks that we could get them on it if they are already produced.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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