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City Bug ?

Picked up a very basic scooter , missing was the Batteries of which i assume from reading this forum that it requires 2x 12 V 12 Ahr, no charger i connected a 12 volt battery but all i got was a continouse beeping ( assume thats low battery voltage/warning or cut out the scooter itself ahas 4 wheels 2 outriggers 1 centre rear drive wheel and a steer wheel , brake handle and speed control handle pull w ire operated to controller, there is a key switch with3 battery LEDs i checked the brake cable switch operates, motor brushes are good Questions i have are is the system 24 VDC What is the light Bluewire in the battery plugs for Is the battery size correct 2 x 12 Ahr Is a manual available Is a wiring diagram available
Thanks in advance
If the scooter looks like this


Then it is a City Bug Helper electric scooter and its correct battery size is 12 Volts 12Ah. It uses two of these batteries to create a 24 Volt battery pack.

The continuous beeping sound when connected to one 12 Volt battery is a low battery warning and is normal for this scooter.

The thin light blue wire in the battery harness is there to tell the controller to not allow the motor to run when the battery pack is being recharged, this is a safety feature so the scooter can not be driven while the battery charger is plugged into it. This blue wire can be disregarded when recharging the battery pack and the battery pack will still recharge normally.

Although no wiring diagrams are available for the City Bug Helper the owners manual is available at this link:

The City Bug Helper scooter has a unique starting procedure involving engaging and releasing the brake so it is important to read the 'how to ride' section of the owners manual before riding the scooter.

We sell parts for the City Bug Helper at this link:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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