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Hoverboard not charging

When I plug the charger into the wall the light is green but as soon as I plug it into the hoverboard the lights goes off. No light at all. What could be wrong?
That could be caused by a faulty red LED lamp inside of the charger. If the charger recharges the Hoverboard then that is almost certainly the case. If the battery charger has a faulty red LED lamp then when the charge is complete the charger's green LED should begin to glow again.

However if the battery charger is not recharging the battery then the problem is beyond a bad red LED lamp and is more likely to be a faulty battery charger. The problem could also be a faulty battery charger port which has a short circuit.

Both the battery charger and charger port could be replaced at the same time to avoid testing, or the charger's output Voltage could be tested to see if it is working or not, and the charger port could be inspected to see if it has any visible problems.

We sell battery chargers and charger ports for Hoverboards on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I would say the charger is faulty. 

I was having same problem until I figured out that charging point of my hoverboard was loose.

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