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Advice for new build mobility scooter

I have conceptual drawings for a 3 wheel mobility scooter, but I am in need of the drive components before I start the technical drawings. The scooter body will be made of carbon fiber. The motor will drive one rear wheel. It will fold into a small package and I am looking towards very light weight construction. Target speed will be in the 6-9 mph range. I will also want steady low, (3mph) controllable speed for safety in pedestrian areas, and also good traction for turf and gravel. I'm thinking of using 9"-10" tires. So far I have chosen the following components from your inventory and would like to know if they are compatible with each other: 24250G motor with 13 tooth sprocket SPD- 24250A controller, THR-46WG throttle. I would like to order the following components, but have not been able to find any : 3, 9"or 10" X 3-3.50 lightweight wheels with tires. +\- 17 tooth sprocket that attaches to wheel, freewheel clutch, wheel bearings and axle shafts, front wheel brake, Hope you can help me. Thanks, -Don

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