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Complete Electric Kit for a Miniature Car

I am in the beginning stages of building an electric powered Mustang Junior reproduction car and would like a complete plug n play electric kit as the power train. The car is a 1/4 size of the actual 1967 Mustang and were often driven in parades by Shiners. The vehicle will weigh in at around 400 lbs when finished (including the weight of driver). An photo of a gas powered version can be found on the website location

The rear wheel on this vehicle will be approximately 12" in diameter and will be fitted with a 60 tooth sprocket (#35 chain). I am looking for a system/kit with the following demands/requirements:

1) Foot pedal throttle

2) Keyed switch for on/off (will go on the dash)

3) Toggle or rocker switch for forward/reverse capability (will also go on the dash)

4) Appropriate sized electric motor and sprocket (#35 chain) to have a maximum speed of 18- 20 mph and to function well at lower speeds (so that the motor isn't lugging or heating up)

5) Appropriate battery package for the vehicle to run for 60-90 minutes

6) Battery charging system

A plug and play kit from your company would be awesome. I look forward to your reply.

Future additions may include a functioning horn, functioning headlights and brake lights.


(38.3 KB)

I will let you know once I get the project to the powered chassis state. I am using the 6" Uzusa Astro wheels (look like the 5 spoke Cragars from the 60&70's era) with a 60 tooth sprocket and drum brake on left rear wheel. I can certainly let you know if one needs to add wiring between each component based on where each part is located.

I have some great news. We now have a sprocket for #35 chain that fits our MOT-361000B motor along with all other MY1020 and ZY1020 motors including Boma 48 Volt 1500, 1600 and 1800 Watt brushless motors and Boma 60 Volt 2000 Watt brushless motors. 

This new sprocket is our item # SPR-3510 and it is available at our #35 Chain Sprockets page.

Here is what it looks like.


We also now have a sprocket for #40, #41 and #420 chain with 11 teeth that fit the same motors as listed above. 

It is our item # SPR-42011 and it is available at our #40, #41 and #420 Chain Sprockets page.

Here is what it looks like.


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