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Parts for three-wheel electric/kick scooter


I am looking to build a few three-wheeled electric scooters. Would you be able to help me with a parts list? 

Specifically, the first scooter will have two ≈6" in-hub motor wheels in the back and one ≈8" fixed pneumatic wheel in the front. The steering would be done by the motorized wheels, similar to steering on the "hover boards."  Ideally, the wheels would be able to spin relatively freely so that the scooter can be used as a plain kick-scooter as well. 

I already have a system that has proven powerful enough for me with a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 out runner motor and a 4S 14.8V 5000MAH 30C Battery. I would like to replicate this kind of power with the in-hub motors. 

I would like to pick up as much of a set of materials as possible in one go: motor wheels, controller(s), battery Pack, charger, rear axle, throttle(s) or alternate, pneumatic front wheel, handlebars, standing board, ...

Weight is important to me but price is not. 

I am close to San Jose and could happily come by to look at pieces and talk through tradeoffs with someone live. 

Many Thanks!

Your project sounds very advanced so I am not sure how much help I would be, however I will try my best and provide all of the knowledge and support that I can.

I am not sure if you already dropped by and purchased the parts that you need, or if you would still like to discus which part to purchase. Do you have the parts list already sorted by now, or would you like for me to help?
Thank you for the reply. I did come by Feb 7 and bought a whole package of goodies including a Wheel Set for Self Balancing Scooters (code SBS-WHEELSET-6.5) and two 36/48 Volt 250-350 Watt Electric Scooter/Moped/Bike Brushless DC Motor Speed Controllers (SPD-3648350BLDC). I haven't been able to make the system work I believe because the controllers have "under Voltage protection of 31.5 Volts" and my batteries are 14.8 volt by design. 

Do you have any controllers that could work with low voltage? (I couldn't find any on the site.) If not, any way to disable the under voltage protection? If not that either, any other ideas?

The lowest Voltage BLDC controllers that we carry are for 24 Volt battery packs and have an under Voltage protection of either 19 Volts or 21.5 Volts depending on which model is selected.

Unfortunately we do not carry any BLDC controllers for 12 Volt or 14.8 Volt battery packs. The reason is that 12 Volts is not a common Voltage for electric scooters and bikes to run on these days. There are some small electric scooters designed for children that run on 12 Volts however they all have brushed motors.

I do not know of any way to disable the under Voltage protection in our controllers, although I am sure that it could be done by someone who is more knowledgeable than I am about BLDC speed controller engineering.

The self balancing scooter motors that you purchased are designed to run on 36 Volts so they would run very slow and at significantly reduced power on 12 Volts. I believe that in your case it might be a lot easier to switch over to a 36 Volt battery pack, than to find a BLDC controller that runs on 12 Volts.

I hope this information helps a little. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks much for the reply. 

>easier to switch over to a 36 Volt battery pack

That is what I ended up doing. 

For the benefit of others on the forum interested in 36V battery packs,... FYI, I wanted Li-Ion batteries and wasn't having much luck finding a 36V pack. I was, however, able to find 3 packs of 18650 cells each at 11.1 nominally (Tenergy Item #31013). I put three in a series to get a nominal 33.3V. The actual voltage goes  to about 38V and below 30V which is good enough for the controller and motor. 

We'll see how it goes...

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