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1937 Pedal Car Modification to Electric


I am modifying a 1937 Ford Garton Pedal Car to run on electric power. I attached a picture of the way I found it, and a second one from today after I disassembled, sand blasted, and primed it.

I will not be using any of the pedal drive or steering assembly in the restoration as they were too rusted to be safe. I am making a “rolling chassis” with all of the components to bolt the painted, restored body on to.

I am in the process of welding the chassis out of 1” square steel tube stock, and the motor, controller, throttle, batteries, etc… will be mounted to this chassis.

The components I am looking to order are:

Motor: Item # MOT-24500X2500B

Speed Control: Item # SPD-24500A

Battery: Item # BAT-12V22A

Pinion: 11T (Included with Motor)

Sprocket: Item # SPR-2547

Throttle: Item # THR-90

Switch: SWT-105

The problem I am having is the drive assembly. The stock wheels on the pedal car are 8”, and the pedals spin an “S” shaped bar to make the wheels go, there are no gears involved in the stock drive assembly.

Originally, I wanted to go with an 8” scooter tire, but was having difficulty finding out how to mount a scooter tire on a “live axle” set up for an e-kart. I found 8” tires on your website, but they seemed to be designed to be mounted by themselves on a narrower scooter axle, not a go kart style axle.

I then considered building the drive assembly out of traditional go kart parts, but their sprockets that go on live axles are typically for a #35 chain. I couldn’t find any hub adapters that would mount your #25 sprocket on a 1” live axle. Additionally, another fail in the go kart column is the smallest tires are 10”, which would kill the speed and have to be mounted outside the wheel wells.

Can you recommend which of the two ways I mentioned above would be best to pursue?

Next, I have a question about the motor. Do I need a brake for this motor? Or is it the type of motor that when you let off the accelerator the motor automatically slows down (like a golf cart)?

Lastly, if I put a reverse switch in it, is there any way to limit the speed it goes in reverse, w/o limiting the speed in forward (or have them independently limitable?)

I am sorry for all of the questions, I just want to make sure I purchase all of the correct parts for this project, which is for my sons 4th birthday in May.


I apologize for the late reply. I had to do some research to figure out how to reply.

We have wheels with 8 inch tire that fit onto an axle. They are our item number RDB-REARWHEELS which are available on this page:

RDB-REARWHEELS have a 26.4mm (1.04") ID with a keyway, so they should fit a 1" OD axle.

We can get parts to attach a #25 sprocket with a freewheel to a 1" axle, however we do not have a source for parts to attach a #25 sprocket to a 1" axle without using a freewheel between the axle adapter and sprocket. Many of our customers have tack welded the freewheel onto the adapter, and then tack welded the freewheel to itself so it is solid and does not freewheel. Here are links to these parts:

Adapter for 1" axle -
Freewheel -
27 tooth 5-hole sprocket -
30 tooth 5-hole sprocket -
44 tooth 5-hole sprocket -
Mounting hardware for sprocket -

We have other sizes of 5-hole sprockets that are not yet listed on our site yet, so if you need a different size sprocket then please let us know.

Another option would be to use a standard go kart axle sprocket adapter and have a #25 sprocket custom made to fit the adapter. 

We make custom sprockets which can be ordered from this page: 

We also carry standard go-kart axle adapters which can be found on this page:

Our motors do not have brakes. They will provide some resistance and the vehicle will slow down when the throttle is released however the amount of resistance that they provide is no where close to being a brake. So a separate braking system would be needed to stop the car.

All of our controller with reverse are designed so that reverse is slower than forward, so the reverse speed limiting automatically is included with our reversing controllers.

I hope that I have answered all of your questions. If I missed a question, or if you have any further questions please let us know.

This is great intel, thank you so much for the help!

I do have a few more questions. I placed the above mentioned parts in my cart, how much would it cost for you guys to pre-wire a kit for me? At all of the parts I listed compatible? and how long would it take?

The adapter you mention above, for 1" axles, would it by chance also fit Item # BRK-142 in order to put a brake disk on a 1" axle as well?

If not, any suggestions on adding a brake?

One more thing, the controller I was looking at is Item # SPD-24500A which I like because it has a speed limit adjuster knob, but it doesn't seem to have reverse. I didn't see one for a 500W motor that had a speed limit adjuster knob, AND reverse, do you have this?

Thanks again, and I am ready to place an order ASAP.

We do not charge extra for pre-wiring a kit made from all the parts that you listed above.

We can make a kit with a single part number out of all the parts if you would like?

Or you could purchase the parts individually and then request for us to make a kit out of them after they are ordered.

All of the parts you listed are compatible with each other.

Depending on how busy we are it usually takes us between 1-2 days to make a kit and get it shipped out.

Disk brake adapter BRK-142 has M34x1.00 right hand threads, and FWM-ADAPTER1 has 1.375" x 24 TPI right hand threads, so they are not compatible with each other. However we ordered and are waiting for a box of disk brake adapters with 1.375" x 24 TPI right hand threads to arrive. We expect their arrival in around 2 weeks.

We do not have a reversing controller with a speed adjustment knob however we do have a throttle speed adjustable limiter which goes between the throttle and controller which will give a controller with reverse a speed adjustment knob. It is our item # THR-ADJUSTER2. This speed adjuster is available at this link: 

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