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Mobility scooter w/ magnetic brake

Hello I need some help and guidance with identifying the components and parts needed for a project. I have bought an Invacare mobility scooter transaxle (part #1423160). Planing to make an electrical kid go kart. Based on the search I've done online it's 24v motor with electric electric magnatic brake. I only have the transaxle with motor as of now. I am seeking your help as support to choose the right controller for it and wiring diagram that show how to wire the brake. Also, a list of all other parts required for this project such as the following 1) Brushed speed controller 2) Steel Foot Throttle 3) Fuse Holders With 4) Battery Charger 5) Inline Charger Port With Wires 6) Battery Wiring Harness 7) Key Switch With 2 Keys Kind regards, AAA
We can help with selecting the right parts needed for your project.

I searched online to see how many Watts the part #1423160 transaxle motor is however I could not find any results. Do you know how many Watts the motor in the transaxle is?

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