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Replacing pc board in a zappy classic with an automotive relay

Hey I used the diagram I found on here to rewire a relay instead of the old pc board, I'm just not sure what to do with the charger wires? Can I attach these straight to the battery wires? It's a lead 12v 18 amp battery but previously the charger wires went through the pc board or circuit board before getting to the battery. It's the zappy classic scooter.
Yes the Zappy Classic electric scooter's charger wires can go straight to the battery wires. The old PC board passed the charger wires directly to the battery wires without going through any electronics.

With the relay installed remember to kick the scooter off to around walking speed before twisting or pulling on the throttle so the electronics do not get overloaded. The function of the PC board was to not turn the motor on until the scooter was going 3 miles per hour, so now without the PC board that will need to be done manually.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Awesome thankyou very much.

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