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Building a beach wagon with a twist, need help

I'm going to build a new wagon using your standard Radio Flyer kids wagon for nothing more than the tub.  This will be for automotive-themed swap meet shopping use, not beach.  Here's where I need help--

* I need it to run off 12v, as the "theme" of my wagon is a big radio/sound system on my Radio Flyer wagon, and I already use a 12v Optima Yellow Top battery to power it.

* I need it to be able to free-wheel when I don't need electric assist

* Simple on/off is fine, no speed controller necesary as long as the speed/gearing is normal walking speed.

* Some of the swap meets I go to are on inclines, hence the need for electric assist.  With battery, amp, sub, etc it's ~150lbs without any shopping loot.  

For a visual, I am making an replacement/upgraded version of one I currently have:



Thank you!


Due to 12V motors not being used on modern electric scooters and bikes we do not carry any 12 Volt motors so that would need to be sourced elsewhere however we might be able to help with the chain, sprocket, relays, speed controller, and go switch or throttle. I presume that you want the swap meet wagon to travel at walking speed. Once you find a suitable 12 Volt gear motor and know what its output shaft RPM is, then we can help with running gear ratio calculations and figuring what size wheel sprocket to install.

For flat ground a 250 to 300 Watt gear motor would do the job and for going up ramps and inclines a motor around 350 to 500 Watts would be better.

Our gear ratio calculator is located on this page:

We have dozens of beach wagon kits available on this page:

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