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Beach Cart Kit


Can you build a kit for a 24v 450W motor?

Similar to item # KIT-140:

I would like it to have 2 26aH batteries, and a thumb throttle instead of a twist possible, and still have a power cut off switch.

I'd like a 13 tooth on the motor and a 60t sprocket with appropriate chain.  Should make for about 4 mph with 15" tires.


We can custom-make a 60 tooth sprocket for #410 chain with any mounting pattern that you need:

The 24V 450W gear motor comes with a 9 tooth sprocket that is factory installed so we could include a 13 tooth sprocket for the motor with the kit which would cost $16.95. Unfortunately we could not remove and sell the motor's original 9 tooth sprocket though because it would show signs of being installed and removed and it would no longer be a new part, so we could not give a price credit for the original 9 tooth sprocket.

You might want to consider using the motor's existing 9 tooth sprocket along with a 44 tooth axle sprocket. This sprocket combination would give a 3.84 mph top speed under load which is very close to the 4 mph top speed with the 13 and 60 teeth sprockets.


This 3.84 mph top speed is with the motor under a full 450 Watt load. The top speed will be higher on flat ground or whenever the motor does not have a 450 Watt load on it.

We have 44 tooth sprockets ranging in price from $8.95 to $39.95 on this page:

We can include the 13 and 60 tooth sprockets, or a 44 tooth sprocket with the kit. Please let us know which sprockets you would like to have included with the kit?

Thanks for replying, I figured this is easier than email. 

I will go with your recommendation for a 9 and 44.  I was under the impression that the motor had 11 or 13 tooth. 

Long story short, after thinking further, I'd just like the above kit, but remove the batteries for now, add the chain and the 44 tooth sprocket.  No changing the throttle to a thumb type.

I need to decide on run time vs cost, so will purchase batteries at a later date.



Okay that sounds great. The smaller 44 tooth axle sprocket will give you more ground clearance, weighs less, and also costs less, so it is a win win situation.

Which 44 tooth sprocket would you like included with the kit; SPR-B44 or SPR-B45 for $8.95, or SPR-B44F for $39.95?

Also how many feet of chain would you like with the kit?

According to the calculator, I should get 50" of chain.  Does it come with the master link?

This is the hub that I'm using to attach the sprocket to the axle, so I don't think that any of your sprockets have a 4 bolt pattern for #41 chain and my axle has a 1" bore.  I may have to go elsewhere for an appropriate sprocket.  Unless you have another that may fit. 


Our #410 chain does not come with a master link however I will add one to the kit so you can use the chain. Do you want exactly 50" (4 feet 2 inches) of chain added to the kit, or a little more like 5 feet so you can cut it down to size in case you happen to need a little more than 50"?

Chain number sizes are kind of tricky because #41 and #410 chain are not the same. #41 (and #420) chain has a 1/4" roller width and is for 1/4" wide sprockets, while #410 chain has an 1/8" roller width and is for 1/8" wide sprockets. The sprocket on the 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motor is 1/8" wide and compatible with #410 chain.

Although it is not listed on our website yet, we do have a 44 tooth sprocket for #410 chain with a 3/4" wide hub for 1" diameter axles. This sprocket's hub has a 1/4" key way and two set screws to hold it onto the axle with. This 44 tooth sprocket for #410 chain with hub for 1" axle sells for $49.95 and I can add it to you kit if you would like?

I can also add a 1/4" steel key that is 1" long to the kit for an extra $1.00 if you need one?

For the chain, yes please include the masterlink.  5' of chain is more appropriate.

I've already purchased the mounting hub, and would like to avoid sending it back to keep costs down.

I'll try to locate a #410 sprocket with that pattern on my own. 

I have a 12" piece of key stock already.

I've done some more looking, and I'll take your sprocket with the built in hub. 

I went ahead and made the kit. It is item # KIT-140-B. Here is the link to it:

Since the kit does not include batteries I had to take the battery charger off of the kit because different size batteries require different size battery chargers. For example if you go with 10Ah to 15Ah batteries then a 1.6 Amp charger would be the right size, however if you go with 18Ah to 26Ah batteries then a 3 Amp charger would be needed. I can help you match the right size battery charger to the batteries when you get to that stage of the project.

I included an XLR battery charger port with the kit which can be used with just about any size battery charger. To cut the chain to size I can add a bicycle chain tool to the kit for an extra $4.50 if you need one.

Please have a look over all of the parts in the kt and make sure that everything you want has been included. I can modify the kit and add, change, or remove any parts that you would like.

This looks like everything so far.  Thanks! 

You are welcome. Please feel free to keep us updated on the progress of your beach cart project.

Just for my information, how long between ordering and shipping of the kit?  I purchased a couple days ago. 

Thanks, looking forward to receiving it. 

Most kits are assembled and shipped in around 2-3 business days. However if the kit has a sprocket in it that we need to have machined then it will take longer because we have to wait for the machine shop to finish the job before we can ship the kit.

Your kit does have a sprocket in it that we are having machined to fit the axle adapter so it will take longer than usual for us to ship it out. I expect that  the machine shop will be done by the end of this week and hope to have your kit shipped on Friday.

Great, thank you.

Ron, how did your kit workout? Is it strong enough for the beach terrain? What about battery life?

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