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ElectrIc wagon

I am building a cooler wagon, and would like help in Determining all parts needed. I have a cart that will be about 24 wide by 40 length with 10 inch wheels. The cooler, cart, and possible passenger could have a total weight of 500 pounds. I will need to operate the cart for up to 2 hours a day on hills in a field terrain half the time. Could you help me determine the parts that i will need. I do not need reverse. I want the unit to free wheel if i run out of power. Twist throttle would be best. I will need to also monitor battery level. I could buy larger car batteries if that would work better. Thanks for your time! Shawn
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We can help with determining the parts needed for your project and even make a kit out of the parts if you would like. I need to ask a few questions to begin.

Is the top speed that you want the cart to travel at walking speed which is 3 to 4 miles per hour, or a different speed?

Do you plan to power only one rear wheel with the motor, or to power both rear wheels with the motor?

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