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Electric Wagon

Planning to use your KIT145. Wagon is being made from a go kart frame. It has 16x8-7.00 tires with live axle. Needing walking speed. Weight appx. 450lbs. loaded. Also would like a key switch instead of flip switch. Please let me know if kit is correct way to go?
Revise on weight to be 300 lbs
Hello Kelly, we can help with this and make a kit specifically designed for your project. Including a key switch with the kit is no problem for us.

The 350 Watt motor in KIT-145, when geared for walking speed, is powerful enough for a 300 pound beach wagon. However if the wagon will need to go up very steep ramps or trails then it might be a little underpowered and a 600 Watt motor might be a better choice. Please allow me to ask a few questions so we can begin designing your kit.

Will the beach wagon need to go up very steep trails or ramps?

How many minutes of run time do you need the beach wagon to have?

What size is the live axle (diameter)?
Motor number and controller for the 600 watt setup or parts needed
2 hrs i guess
Axle size is 1" but the sprocket hub is 1.452 diameter, 3 bolt
How will you drive the wheels and mount your motor. And batteries
Hi Kelly, we have 36 Volt 600 Watt and 650 Watt gear motors. Their item number are MOT-36600G and MOT-36650PL. The 650 Watt motor is around 10% more powerful than the 600 Watt motor however they are both very strong motors. Both of these motors have 10 tooth sprockets on them for #420 / #41 chain. They are sold on this page:

A good controller to use with these motors is our 36 Volt 800 Watt controller item number SPD-36800B. However if this beach wagon will see severe duty or if you want it to have a lot of pulling power then a better controller choice would be our controller item number SPD-362000. These are sold on this page:

I ran some gear ratio calculations for the 600 and 650 Watt motors using a 60 tooth axle sprocket and 16" wheels. A 60 tooth sprocket for #41 / #420 chain is the most common largest size sprocket available at go kart parts stores so that is the size that I ran calculations with. The top speed shown in the calculations is with the motor under load. The top speed will be a little higher when the motor is not under full load such as when on flat paved ground. The top speed will be controlled by the throttle at all times though so the wagon will go the exact speed that you want it to. Here are the gear ratio calculations:


For a two hour run time some fairly large batteries will be required. As long as the beach wagon will not be going uphill for the entire two hours then a battery pack made from three 12 Volt 35Ah batteries item number BAT-12V35AB or BAT-U1 should do the job and have power to spare. These batteries are sold on this page:

For this size of battery pack a 36 Volt 4.5 Amp (or higher) battery charger is required for an overnight recharge. We sell 36 Volt battery chargers on this page:

All of the parts can be purchased separately on our site, or we can make a kit out of the parts which is pre-wired with matching and labeled connectors.

Please let us know if you have any questions?

Fabricate a motor plate. Chain drive w/custom sprockets. Fabricated battery boxes.
Electricbeachwagon, how exactly using you hitch kit do you it into the reciever? I have a very good idea how I am going to do it with out lifting. I am all steel so wieght is a factor. All of yours are aluminum correct. I am building for more hard pack less sand
My wagons are all Alumimum but I also make steel drive undercarriages for wagons. My hitch kits are all steel and winch the wagon off the ground. As for a drive motor order the bigger motor the smaller geared motor is very noisy And I recommend a 44 tooth sprocket. I have built over 500 motorized wagons. If you are to use a chain drive make sure it is properly aligned or your chain will always pop off. What will you use as a brake because the Chinese controllers don't have any braking capabilities they only cut power to the motor and that is not enough to stop a wagon going down a hill.
Disc brake. Using go kart frame with suspension. Lever like motorcycle. You said winch I will be using a eletric trailer jack.
Esc support, revised again. Overall weight will be 200 lbs. After conversing with my son and contents going in to cart 200 should about right. Can you advise?
Do you want the wagon to have reverse? Or would you like it to have a freewheel so it can be pulled forward by hand without any drag from the motor?

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