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Electric Wagon

Planning to use your KIT145. Wagon is being made from a go kart frame. It has 16x8-7.00 tires with live axle. Needing walking speed. Weight appx. 450lbs. loaded. Also would like a key switch instead of flip switch. Please let me know if kit is correct way to go?
I would like it to freewheel if possible. How exactly does that work?
A freewheel allows the wagon to be moved forward by hand without any drag from the motor.

The down side of a freewheel is that the wagon can not have reverse with a freewheel installed, and that the wagon will roll down hills without any drag from the motor so the brakes will need to be used more often.

Please think this over and let me know if you prefer a freewheel or not. Then I can start working on a kit for it.
Freewheel is preferred.
Okay that sounds good. Here is a preliminary list of the parts for the kit.

1 qty - MOT-36600G or MOT-36650PL motor (your choice)
1 qty - SPD-36800B controller
1 qty - Throttle (your choice of throttle type)
3 qty - BAT-12V35AB batteries
1 qty - CHR-S36V4.5AXLR battery charger
1 qty - CNX-XLR05W charger port
1 qty - SWT-222 key switch
1 qty - 60 tooth sprocket for #420 chain with freewheel and freewheel adapter for 1" live axle.
1 qty - Length of #420 chain with master link

I am checking with our sprocket suppliers to find a 60 tooth sprocket for #420 chain that bolts onto a freewheel. We have the freewheel and freewheel adapter for a 1" live axle already so all I need to find is the sprocket.

Do you prefer the MOT-36600G or MOT-36650PL motor?

What type of throttle would you like to use; full twist, half twist, thumb, and with or without battery meter?
Good news, I found the 60 tooth sprocket for #420 chain that fits the freewheel so it looks like we have in stock and can special order everything needed for this kit.

We only have two of the MOT-36650PL motors in stock today and will not be getting more until 4 weeks from now, so if you want the 650 Watt motor then I recommend ordering it soon before they are sold out.

Once you decide which motor and throttle to include with the kit please let me know and I will go ahead and make it. Or if you prefer to purchase the parts separately instead of as a kit then I can supply links to the sprocket, freewheel, axle adapter, and other parts.
Will be purchasing seperatley. Thank you for your assistance.
You are welcome. Here is the item number and link for the 60 tooth sprocket which is not listed on our website yet:

60 Tooth Sprocket for 5-Hole Freewheel: SPR-42060F  

The 5-hole freewheels, mounting bolts, and 5-hole freewheel 1" axle adapters are sold on this page: https://www.electricscooterparts.com/bicyclesprockets.html

All of the other parts are sold on our website under the part type that they are: https://www.electricscooterparts.com

If you run into any problems finding the parts on our website please let me know and I will post links to them here.

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