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Custom sprocket and freewheel kit

Well hello there. I see a 74t listed on the parts page. I need that sprocket made to fit the 5 hole HD freewheel. If you can help me with that how much would the sprocket be? I Also would like a price on the assembled freewheel sprocket combo. Thanks for your help. I tried to modify the 3 hole one and do not have a lathe so it isn't true. It fits but surges under power. I need smoothness for accurate shifts. My gearing is 14:74 to a 24:34 first gear. 24:11 8th gear, on an 8 speed cassette. I want to increase my cadence ratio by up-sizing to a 27 or 30t pedal sprocket and drop the primary pinion to 11t. A solid freewheel is needed, I've been running a dual fw setup with inferior FW's and they don't hold up. I am hitting 13000 rpm with a 2t motor making 4.5ish HP, I know gas isn't your guys forte but you have the gearing calculations to help me. Please do anything you can and I'll order from you guys. If you could put together a sprocket-freewheel combo with an HD freewheel/ 27t-30t 5 hole sprocket for multi speed chain/ a 74t for the same fw but the 2 sprockets need to be spaced 1.325" from each other so if some steel spacers and longer bolts could be included that would be awesome! So a 27t, a 30t an HD freewheel and a 74t for 8mm with 1.325" steel spacers that are 5mm inner diameter. I'll get from you guys if the custom kit can be put together.
Our item # SPR-874 74 tooth sprockets for 8mm chain are currently out of stock. We expect for them to arrive and be back in stock in around 4-5 weeks.

Once these sprockets are back in stock then we could get them machined to fit a 5-hole freewheel. I will send you an email when the 74 tooth sprockets are back in stock and we can take it from there.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Excellent! Good to hear that you can help me out with at least the 74t and probably most of what I need. The one on it now is so far out of true I put on a spring tensioner for the 8mm drive chain to bb cartridge connection, It has helped some but I need a correct 74t to smooth it out more. Also the 30 tooth may be too far ill just get the 27t if its for multi speed chain.
We have had communication before on getting a 74t 8mm sprocket made to fit the 5 hole freewheel mechanism. I am inquiring how much said sprocket and freewheel kit would be? As I said before i have one that i made fit but without proper tools so its too far out of true. And any help is greatly appreciated thanks. Signed, Cody with Universal Motorsports in CO springs 719-637-1288
We just got these 74 tooth sprockets for 8mm chain back in stock last week.

The machine shop that we previously hired to perform custom machining projects like this is no longer taking small one piece orders, so we no longer have a machine shop to modify the 74 tooth sprocket to fit the freewheel. I recommend checking with local machine shops in your area to see if they would accept the job of machining the sprocket.

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