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ATV conversion to electric

Hi. Im doing a project to make an electric ATV. The motor will provide about 10-12kW peak with alot of torque. It has now sprockets and 520 chain with an gear ratio of 1-3 aprox. Now I need a higher gear ratio to match the high RPM of the electric motor (6000rpm max). There are no original sprockets out there that can give me 1:7-8 to get an top speed og around 80km/h that i want. So. Can I use this 35 gocart chain and sprockets you provide? Looks like they can give me the right gear ratio for my project. But. Can it handle the power and the rpm? If and if not. Can you provide me with another suggestion on what will maybe work for my project?
Racing go karts have engines that are in the same horsepower range as your electric motor and they use #35 chain, however they use a premium quality #35 chain such as Regina Gold. However racing go karts are used on flat paved tracks and not off-road in the hills and dirt like ATVs are. There is a reason that ATVs use #520 chain so you might want to consider sticking with that chain size. A company called Rebel Gears custom makes just about any size sprocket for #520 chain. Many of our customers have purchased custom made sprockets from Rebel Gears and have had great luck with them.

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