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8mm (TF8) chain to 1" axle sprocket hub ...

Hi Peeps.  

We have an engineering club at my high school.  Our current project is to build an electric go-kart from scratch, welding the frame and all. 


We have motors that come with a D-Bore 10mm shaft, with a 10x8.6mm 11 tooth d-bore sprocket for an 8mm chain (for example, it has the sprocket that is listed as #SPR-811 on this site).  And, we have an axle that is the typical 1" key style. We are trying to find a Sprocket Hub (we don't really want a freewheel clutch - fixed is fine we think because we can go in reverse) that can accept a sprocket for 8mm chains, for example like the part number SPR-844, SPR-844B or SPR-844C.  

I don't see sprocket hubs on this site that look like what we are seeking, but the ones that I find on other sites don't have the correct bolt pattern to accept any of the sprockets listed above.  We could try to modify them, but the holes have to be just about perfect...  

Any advice is greatly appreciated!  Or, if there are options to modify any of the 8mm sprockets with the correct hole pattern for a part similar to, for example, one like item #138291 on - then that would be awesome. 


We do not carry any sprockets for 8mm chain that fit a go kart sprocket hub with a 2-13/16" bolt circle diameter. Some of our 8mm chain sprockets may be good candidates to drill holes into to fit this type of hub though.

We have found that if a sprocket that fits the hub is placed over the 8mm sprocket and perfectly aligned using a measuring caliper, that then the bolt holes can be carefully marked with a pen and drilled out for a nearly perfectly centered sprocket.

We have noticed that factory drilled sprocket holes are often up to one millimeter out of alignment and this does not affect the operation of the chain enough to be noticed, so by marking and drilling the sprocket holes yourself often times the accuracy of factory drilled sprocket holes can be improved upon.

Another option would be to have a sprocket for 8mm chain custom made to fit the axle hub. We make custom sprockets which can be ordered on this page: 

Thanks ESP!  We created a hole drilling template that we are going to try using on two of your # SPR-844's.  If anyone is interested it in, it is attached as a pdf.

Thank you for attaching the go kart axle hub sprocket hole template in case anyone else needs to use it. Glad to hear that you found a sprocket solution that will work for the project.

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