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Help selecting parts

I have a garden cart that is presently powered by a Predator 212 cc gasoline engine (6.5 HP at 5500 RPM).  I need to convert it to electrics.  Fully loaded it weighs 450 lbs and runs 40 minutes per day (barn to garden and back).  The Predator engine is throttled to run at 2500 RPM through a triple reduction chain drive to yield 52 RPM at the drive axle.. Using 16" wheels, it travels at 2.5 MPH (walking speed).  I use #40 industrial chain (5/16" wide roller X 1/2" pitch) for the drive.  It needs reverse direction.  I prefer 24 volts.  What should I order for a motor, sprocket, controller, reversing switch, and battery?

For a garden cart with a 450 pound fully loaded weight a 24 Volt 500 Watt motor will provide plenty of power with a 2.5 MPH top speed as long as the garden cart does not need to travel up steep hills. If it needs to travel up steep hills then a slightly more powerful motor is recommended. Reverse is no problem.

Sprockets for #40 chain are not available for any of our 24 Volt motors so switching the jackshaft primary input sprocket over to either a #25 or 8mm chain sprocket so a chain could be ran from the motor to the jackshaft would be necessary. Our 24 Volt 500 Watt motor has a 2500 RPM output speed so the gear ratio between the motor and jackshaft would need to be the same as it is now since the motor that is currently on the cart is throttled to run at 2500 RPM also.

We have a good selection of #25 and 8mm sprockets that may be able to be converted to fit the jackshaft, or a sprocket could be custom made if not. How many teeth does the motor sprocket and primary jackshaft input sprocket have right now?

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