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Throttle for CB24-YR8

I would like a thumb throttle for a currie 24v 35amp 3 wire controller. It seems like there are about 3 options in the store, I was hoping someone could help me narrow it down to the best fit. Thanks in advance
I looked into this and most of the original twist throttles that work with the CB24-YR8 controller have 70 inch long cables.

The THR-130 series thumb throttles that could replace the original twist throttle have a 64 inch cable. It could very well be that 70 inches of cable is not needed and a 64 inch cable would work, however that would be something that you would need to determine before ordering the 130 series thumb throttle.

The throttle that plugs into the CB24-YR8 controller needs to have four female terminals on the red-black-white-green wires, and two male terminals on the brown and yellow wires.

We do not carry a thumb throttle with those exact terminals however we could custom make a THR-130 series throttle with the correct terminals and connectors to plug into the CB24-YR8 controller.

If a 64 inch cable is long enough and you would like for us to make a THR-130 series throttle to fit the CB24-YR8 controller then please let us know.


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