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Beach Wagon Power Kit

I see quite a few topics on beach wagons but would like to add my question to the mix.  I have an all aluminum beach wagon with dimensions of 29" x 60".  The tires are 18x9.5-8 duro lug tires.  The entire wagon weighs approximately 130lbs.  I have attached a picture of the wagon for your viewing.  I shouldn't be pulling anything over 400lbs when fully loaded down.  I also have a 1" live rear axle.  I am curious on what kit I should go with or should I have a customized kit for this wagon?  I was looking at Kit-145 but am worried it won't have enough power.  I am also concerned about the 10ah batteries it comes with.  I want this cart to stay charged for at lease 1.5 hours of run time.  Please advise.

Thanks in advance,

Chip Elliott


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For that size of a beach wagon we recommend using a larger motor than the one included with KIT-145. The motor in KIT-145 would power the beach wagon on flat hard packed sand and pavement just fine however when it encountered deep sand or hills then the motor would be underpowered. A 36 Volt 600 Watt gear motor would be a better choice for that size and weight of a beach wagon.

We can customize a kit specifically for your project. A 1.5 hour run time is possible with a larger size battery pack.

I ran a gear ratio calculation using our MOT-36600G gear motor and a 72 tooth axle sprocket.


This combination of parts provides a 3.58 MPH top speed when the motor is under load. The top speed will be a little higher when the load is low such as when traveling on flat pavement. The speed of the beach wagon can be controlled from full stop to full speed and everywhere in between with the throttle.

A 36 Volt battery pack made from three 12 Volt 22Ah batteries will provide a 1.5 hour run time if the beach wagon will be used on mostly flat ground and shallow sand with some hills. If the beach wagon will need to often go up hills or go through deep dry sand then a larger battery pack is recommended for a 1.5 hour run time such as one made with three 12 Volt 35Ah batteries. It is better to have more battery capacity than you need so the battery pack does not run out of power when you need it so I recommend the 35Ah batteries unless you think that the 22Ah batteries will work for your running conditions.

The kit can be forward only, or have forward and reverse. Here are a couple of examples of beach wagon kits we have made for other people:

Kit with 35Ah batteries and forward only (no reverse) item # KIT-149:

Kit with 22ah batteries and forward/reverse item # KIT-148-B:

More kits for beach wagons can be found at the link below:

If you could build a kit for me, that would be great. The wagon doesn't need to exceed 3 mph. I would also prefer a thumb throttle. Could you provide a kit with and without the batteries please. I have been debating whether to purchase AGM batteries or not. One other question I have is, why go with a 36 volt motor instead of sticking with a 24 volt, say 500 watt?

We have 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motors that could be included with the kit. I recommended the 36 Volt 600 Watt gear motor because that is a big beach wagon with large tires and I wanted to pair a larger size and more powerful motor with it. The 24V 450 Watt gear motor does not have a mounting base so a custom mounting bracket needs to be fabricated to install it, and the 36V 600 Watt gear motor has a mounting base so it is easier to mount. The 36V 600W gear motor is almost twice the size as the 24V 450W gear motor so it has better torque and cooling ability also. Here are photos of these two motors.


The 36V 600W gear motor also has a sprocket for 1/4" wide #41 / #420 chain which is the same size that you will be able to get from a go kart parts store for the beach wagon's axle. The 24V 450W motor has a sprocket for 1/8" wide #410 bicycle chain.

We can include a thumb throttle with the kit.

Please let us know which motor you prefer to use and if you would like the kit to go forward only or have forward and reverse, and we will take it from there?

You convinced me of the 36 volt 600 watt motor, so lets go with that one.
Adding a reverse switch and relay to the kit will increase its price by around $65.00 compared to having the kit with forward only. The reverse switch has three positions which are forward/park/reverse. When the reverse switch is in the 'park' position the motor acts as a parking brake.

For the kit to have reverse both the power and reverse switches need to be toggle switches and can not be handlebar mount switches (unless you welded or attached a switch panel onto the handlebars to mount them on).

For a forward only kit the power switch could be a handlebar mount type of switch or a switch that is built into the throttle.


Do you think that you like for the kit to have forward only, or to have forward and reverse?
Forward only please.
Forward only gives us more throttle and power switch choices. We have twist and thumb throttles available with and without battery level indicators, and with and without power switches. We even have a twist throttle with a battery meter and key switch.

You can take a look at our throttles on these pages:

What type of throttle would you like for the kit to have?
I think I like the THR-110k
I have got the two kits ready today. The kit without batteries is item # KIT-36600-01 and the kit with 22Ah AGM batteries is item # KIT-36600-02.

Here are links to the kits:

Please have a look at the parts and descriptions of the kits and if you would like any changes made to them then please let us know. We can change the parts and wire lengths on request.

This is great. The only thing I see missing is the sprocket for a 1" live axle. Should I purchase that separately or can you include it in the kit?
The sprocket and sprocket hub for 1" axle can be found on this page:

We have sprockets for #41 chain available up to 90 teeth so you could lower the gear ratio even more by installing an 80 tooth sprocket instead of one with 72 teeth. Here is the gear ratio and top speed calculation for an 80 tooth sprocket:


The lower the gear ratio the more pulling power the beach wagon will have and sand if hard to pull through so you might want to consider using an 80 tooth sprocket instead of 72.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I'm building a beach cart also.  I already have the motor (36v 750 watt) and batteries.  Can you price a kit to include the following?  Speed controller, thumb throttle, power switch, battery charging port, battery charger and inline fuse.

Hi Brad, we can make a kit for your motorized beach cart project.

Most beach carts need to travel at walking speed so the gear ratio between the motor and rear wheels is a critical part of the design. If the gear ratio is too high then the motor will lug which will overheat both the motor and controller and cause them to burn out. Due to this, beach carts require either motors with a gear reduction transmission built into them, or a jackshaft between the motor and rear axle. I just wanted to inform you about this to make sure that the gear ratio is correct so the motor and controller do not burn out. We can help you with determining the proper gear ratio if you would like?

Regarding the kit I need a little more information before I can make it so I need to ask a few questions:
  1. Do you want the thumb throttle to have a battery level indicator on it?
  2. Do you want the power switch to be on the throttle, or separate from it?
  3. If you want the power switch to be separate from the throttle then do you want a toggle, rocker, or key switch?
  4. What is the Ah rating of the batteries and what type of terminals do they have?

The 750 watt motor has a gear box attached that reduces to 420rpm.  I’ve calculated the sprocket ratio based on my 16” diameter tires.  I have the speed at 3.2mph for the rear axle.


1. Do you want the thumb throttle to have a battery level indicator on it? No

2. Do you want the power switch to be on the throttle, or separate from it? On the throttle

3. If you want the power switch to be separate from the throttle then do you want a toggle, rocker, or key switch?

4. What is the Ah rating of the batteries and what type of terminals do they have?  22Ah -  see picture

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