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Which sprockets to choose?

Hello all,

I build a 14" electric scooter.

I don't understand / know which Wheel Sprockets to choose and how to attach it to the rear wheel.

Here is a picture of the rear wheel. any advise will appreciate!




The hub of that wheel does not have a flat area with holes to mount a sprocket onto. Since the wheel is not designed to mount a sprocket onto, doing so would require a custom machined adapter to be welded onto the wheel hub. The adapter could be machined so that a sprocket could bolt directly onto it.

Selecting a sprocket with the right number of teeth for the motor that is being used is an important part of the design because if the sprocket is too small then the motor will be overloaded and not produce enough power, and if the sprocket is too big then the scooter will not go as fast as it has the potential to.

We can help with selecting the right size sprocket and would just need to know what motor you are planning to use and what top speed you would like the scooter to have?

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