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Complete charging problem in 15 minutes and empty in 10 minutes


Smart electric scooter that is new and unused. When charging, the charger light is green for about 15 minutes (ie, charging is complete), but it will take about 10 minutes to charge.

I added a battery to my scooter to ensure I was charging for about 1.5 hours with a healthy scooter. I removed the battery and plugged it into the problem scooter and routinely worked for 2 hours (as a result of the battery's lack of battery life and the charger is healthy).

Why is the next 15 minutes of a green charger light? What is the problem?

How to cut off charge after full charge, which part is on the motherboard? Thank


I am not sure if I completely understand all of your questions however I will do my best to reply.

It sounds like the battery pack might be faulty which is causing it be recharged in 15 minutes and to only provide a 10 minute ride time. Since the battery pack that was swapped for it provided a two hour ride time that is pretty strong evidence that the original battery pack is faulty.

The battery charger should cut off the charge after the battery pack has been fully recharged. I am not aware of any part on the motherboard that controls the charge and believe that the charge is controlled completely by the battery charger.

Hello . I think you did not understand. In this case, there is only one battery. Full-time charging with a healthy scooter is 1.5 hours and then charging with a healthy scooter, removing the battery and defective scooter. It takes about 2 hours. So the battery and charger are healthy. The problem is the charging circuit.
Okay thank you for explaining. I understand better now. We do not have any experience with circuit board level repairs to self balancing scooters so unfortunately I can not offer any advise in that area.

hi .do you know the piece on the motherboard. When scooter is Upside down. scooter does not go ? thank

We do not know which component on the motherboard could be causing that problem.

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