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Can this be modified to be used as a source to modify a Power Wheels vehicle??


I would just need to adapt my solid axle to mount a sprocket to it and then figure out a braking system, and would need to add a step down for 12 volt of which I will drive the cd player and headlights brake lights and under glow lighting. I will be purchasing new rims and tires as well so if you have any suggestions here I would appreciate this as well.

I do have three new 12 volt batteries and the metal gas pedal and a brake peddle of which came with the esc kit from EastCoast Power up that never worked for me,

Can you please build me a system and let me know the costs so I can get you paid and have this made??

Or if you have a better solution let me know.

Thank You

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We can definitely build a kit for this Power Wheels modification project.

The KIT-159 that you linked to above looks like just about the perfect kit and it has a DC-DC converter that steps down to 12 Volts like you need. The only downside to KIT-159 is that with the type of reverse relays it has if the vehicle is not a a full stop when switching from forward to reverse or reverse to forward then the controller may become damaged. Due to this it is not a great choice for a vehicle that kids will be using.

We have a heavy-duty reverse relay that applies an electrical brake to the motor between forward and reverse. With this heavy-duty reverse relay the direction switch has Forward-Park-Reverse positions. This would be a more bulletproof kit for a vehicle that a kid was operating. Our KIT-361000-01 is an example of a kit made with this heavy-duty reverse relay. Here is the link to it:

We can make a new version of KIT-36100-01 that has a DC-DD converter to step down to 12 Volt for running lights and accessories if you would like.

Please let us know your thoughts and ideas on these kits and we will take it from there.

What sprocket would you recommend then be on the axle? I was planning on putting a disc brake kit on it with it's own reservoir etc attached and having it be a pedal as well.

It would need a step down and be able to support the cd etc on it and drive time or the accessories can be a separate self contained system as well if easier? Would the adding a disc brake confuse the motor controller and be a bad idea to do?

I am already making a steel frame with real front end and steering for a body of which has not been decided. It will be something not heavy and that could be used for say parades or events as publicity.

Other than this it seems to be a much better idea than continuing to put money into a system designed for plastic wheels

To determine the right size axle sprocket I can run some gear ratio calculations. To be able to run the calculations I will need to know what the top speed is that you would like the vehicle to travel at? And also the diameter of the rear tires (height from ground to top of tire)?

For a 1000 Watt motor the top speed could be up to 25 MPH. The top speed also could be lower if you need the vehicle to go up steep hills or just don't want it to go that fast.

A disc brake will work fine with the kit and it will not confuse the motor controller. Adding a disc brake is a very good idea.

Our step down converter outputs 12 Volt and 10 Amps, so as long as the load on it is under 120 Watt on it then it will work. We can wire it to the kit so all you have to do is connect the lights and accessories to it. A separate 12 Volt battery could be used also if you prefer and then the lights and accessories would not put a drain on the main battery pack for a longer ride time.

That sounds like a great plan to make a steel frame with real steel parts and real wheels. That way its not just a plastic toy that will keep breaking and needing repairs.

Top speed sounds good at 25 and it will be on flat ground and I have yet to get tires so assume they are 10" then as it is what I am looking at now. And I think the 3rd Battery will be better for lights so I keep as much as possible for unit to drive.

I am using a disc brake set up from a racing kart the frame will be steel and an alloy connectors to fiberglass or composite body so It now is a ground up system.

I ran a gear ratio calculation using our Top Speed and Gear Ratio Calculator and found that for a 1000 Watt 3000 RPM motor with 10 tooth sprocket powering 10 inch wheels a 36 tooth axle sprocket would provide a 24.87 MPH top speed.


 Please let us know if you have any questions.

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