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Please Help me to wire throttle with a controller

Hello I just bought online a set (twist throttle with a speed controller) i have problem to wire it up properly. The throttle has 6 wires coming out of it. Its cheap 24v 250w set
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There is a picture of speed controller plugs also. Please I need help as I fried one controller already by connecting it wrong. Its a twist throttle with a battery meter and ignition
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In the future please consider buying your throttles and controllers from us because all of our throttles and controller come with wiring directions. We will even correctly wire the throttle and controller together with matching connectors for no extra charge on request.

Without having wiring directions for the throttle testing it would be required to know which throttle wires go to which controller wires.

Without wiring directions or testing then we are guessing and one wrong guess will burn out the throttle or controller.

If you have a multimeter then I could provide you with some testing instructions. Do you happen to have a multimeter?
Thank you kindly for reply. I do have multimeter and throttle with speed controller arrived as a set (so should be compatible). Throttle has 6 wires (red black and green for power, ground and signal) as well as blue, yellow and white wire. Please help im so confused...
My thr-105k throttle has 6 wires and two-position-on ignition (maybe for additional 24v output). Most of thr throttles you see online have only 5 wires. And instructions are different everywhere and colors mixed up...:( i have another throttle on the way to me now. It should arrive next week so I will have another go to try to connect it to a speed controller that comes with it
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For that particular throttle the two thick wires have always gone to the power locks connector for every version of it that we have ever had. This could be confirmed by testing the continuity or resistance of the two thick wires with the key switch on and off. The two wires should have continuity when the key switch is on and not have continuity when the key switch is off. If using resistance for testing then the wires should have zero (0) resistance when the key switch is on and infinite (I) resistance when the key switch is off.

To test the throttle's other four wires insert its red and black wire terminals into the controller's derailleur connector so they match up with its red and black wires. Then tape the remaining four throttle wires to the table so they can not move and touch each other.

Next bridge the controller's two power locks wires together. Now set the multimeter to DC Volts and touch its black probe to the throttle's black wire terminal, and touch its red probe to the green wire terminal, and then the blue wire terminal. Whichever of these wires has around 0.8 Volts in it is the signal wire, and the other wire is the battery indicator wire. The throttle's signal wire goes to the derailleur connector's blue wire, and the throttle connector's battery indicator wire goes to the indicator connector's red wire.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

hi please does anyone know what is meant by yellow wire power + on battery ,blue wire to power+ on controller.


Hi Mohammedali, "power + on battery" usually refers to the positive terminal or wire of the battery pack, and "power + on controller" usually refers to the positive battery pack input wire of the speed controller.

thank you very much for your kind help

Hello. Thank you for explanation however there is still a problem. After connecting 3 throttle wires I still have 3 left: blue, yellow and white. Could you please tell me where they go? Which plug? Indicator or Power Locks? To which colour? Please help! Scooter is sitting parked for a month.
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So if the two thick throttle wires (white and yellow) are Power Locks wires, in what order do they connect to red and blue Power Locks plug? Does it matter in which order i plug it in?
Hey rafiq, did you connect it? What throttle wires did u plug in Power Locks? And in what order?
Does the throttle (battery indicator) wire go to Indicator plug red or black wire? For Power Locks, in what order do yellow and white wire connect to blue and red Power Locks plug?
The throttle's battery indicator wire goes to the red wire of the Indicator plug.

The throttle's key switch wires go to the Power Locks connector with yellow to red, and white to blue.

hi pawel,no i havnt tried it yet.iam still a bit 5 wire throttle i know the yellow wire will go to battery +and the blue to controller power+ input,but do i still have to send a wire from battery + to the controller+ or do i leave it out and just connect the blue wire to controller + and have no wire from battery + to controller+

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