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Need help completing a wagon kit

Hi Support,

  I'm in the middle of an axle conversion on a wagon I'm building for my new son. All the parts needed for the conversion, except for the axle itself, have been acquired. With the new addition, we are now a one income household. Would like to put together a kit with your help so I have a concrete dollar number goal to start saving for. I have read every wagon thread on this site and have decided on a 24v motor and  26ah batteries. I need help completing the kit with controller, throttle, key, switch, etc.

The motor I have decided to use is PN:  MOT-24450G. 

The batteries PN: BAT-12V26A

I would like the wagon to have reverse, a thumb throttle, and a key switch to prevent unauthorized access.  Thanks for your time.

We can go ahead and make a kit for your project so you will know exactly how much it will cost. After we make the kit we will post a link to it here and then you can purchase it if you choose to whenever the best time is for you.

So far here is a list of parts for the kit:
  • MOT-24450G (gear motor)
  • BAT-12V26A (2 quantity 26Ah batteries)
  • CHR-24V3A (battery charger)
  • SPD-24500R (controller with reverse)
  • THR-132 (thumb throttle with 24V battery level indicator and switch for reverse)
  • SWT-222 (key switch for power on and off)


Do you need a rear sprocket and axle hub (to attach the sprocket to the axle) to be included with the kit?

Thank you for your help. 

I purchased a rear sprocket and hub based on the motor I decided on, the details of the wagon, and the calculator on your help page. My wagon has 10" tires and I ended up getting a 27 tooth sprocket. The motor's sprocket that I selected accepts #415 chain correct? 

With the current battery and controller setup, would I be able to pull 12v to charge a cellphone or run some led's? I'm not sure how a two battery system like this works.

I'm concerned that 64" of length of throttle wire will not be sufficient for my application. Could I extend those wires another foot or so without complication? Can I extend any of the wires in the kit to fit my needs? 

Hello, again. Any input from support?

Sorry for the late reply, we must have lost this topic at the bottom of the list a while ago.  

MOT-24450G has a sprocket for #410 chain. #415 chain will also work with this motor sprocket, however, it will be a little loose from side to side which should not be a problem. #410 chain is the best fit though.

12 Volts cannot be pulled from a single 12 Volt battery in the 24 Volt battery pack otherwise the Voltages between the two batteries would become unbalanced which would cause problems, however, 12 Volts can be pulled from a 24 Volt battery pack by using a Voltage converter such as our item #
CVT-7212 sold on this page:

The Voltage converter could be wired to the battery pack on its own with a separate switch to turn it on and off so it could be used when the key switch was off.

The kit has options for different wire length between the parts so you can choose the wires lengths however you would like.

I went ahead and made the kit for your project. Here is the link to it.


Please have a look at the kit and if you would like any changes made please let us know.

Thanks for the reply.

The axle sprocket I bought was for #415 chain. This was based on the description of the motor stating it would work and the fact that I couldn't find one with the amount of teeth I needed in #410. Do I need to purchase #415 chain to make this all come together, or will the #410 you have in the cart work for both sprockets?

I would like to add the voltage converter to the kit. Being able to switch it on while the key is off, is exactly what I want. Do you have the dimensions of it and the controller? My wagon is long, wide, and low, so the components are going to have to be placed just right to fit it all. Also, does the voltage converter just plug into the batteries, or does it tie into the controller?

The wire length drop down you created for me in the kit was exactly what I needed. Thank you for taking the time to do that. 

 #410 chain is too narrow to fit onto a #415 sprocket so #415 chain would be needed.

You could order the kit with no chain and then add the length of #415 chain that you need and a #415 master link to the order. Here is the link to our #415 chain page:

The Voltage converter would have its own separate wires going to the battery pack and would not tie into the controller. We don't want to add the Voltage converter to the kit because it is something that most other people would not need however we would be glad to make a separate converter kit that has the same discount as the main kit with the converter, switch, and wiring. I could begin making this Voltage converter kit if you could please let me know what type of switch (item number would be most helpful) that you want it to have?

Here are the dimensions:

  • Controller = Case not including mounting tabs 4" long x 2.62" wide x 1.5" high. Case including mounting tabs 5" long x 2.62" wide x 1.5" high.
  • Voltage Converter = Case not including mounting tabs 3.62" long x 2" wide x 1.28" high. Case including mounting tabs 4.62" long x 2" wide x 1.28" high.

Hello again.

Thanks for the info. #415 chain it is.

If switch P/N SWT-120 will work for my application, that's the one I would like added to the kit.

The dimensions of the controller and converter are small enough to fit in a plastic hobby box I got from RadioShack a while back. This box will make for easy mounting of the switches and charge port. Do you see any problem with heat of these components(including controller and converter?) if mounted in a sealed plastic box? Should I add a passive intake and small exhaust fan? I recently replaced the tubes on my nieces' electric razor wheels and noticed all those components were sealed inside the unit. 

I received the axle in yesterday and have started to test fit the components, currently looking for a local machine shop to take some material off the axle hub for a better fitment of the #415 chain, almost ready to weld the axle in.

Thanks again for all your help.

(2.18 MB)
Whether the controller needs ventilation if it is sealed inside of a box depends on how hot it gets when in use. If the wagon will be used on primarilly flat ground then the controller will probably run cool however if the wagon is used to go up hills or inclines for extended periods of time then the controller may begin to get hot and need ventilation.

SWT-120 will work with the voltage converters that we sell on this page:

Hi support,

  I am almost ready to purchase the kit (Merry Christmas from Grandma) but I need to make some adjustments. I took a spill and injured my arm, pulled/tore a muscle. Would like to replace the thumb throttle with a half twist throttle to allow for ambidextrous use. My niece has a razor electric scooter with a half twist and I think something like that would work for me. What are your suggestions? 

  Thanks again for all of your help!

A half twist throttle will work great with the kit. I made a new version of the kit with a half twist throttle. It is our item # KIT-24450G-21. Here is the link to it: 

Hello support,

I received the wagon kit today. I have been working on a control box since the first shipment came in. So after making a jumper wire for the 24v battery pack we received today, I was able to bench test the kit. Everything, including the voltage converter is in working order. Since the batteries are new I'll have to wait to see if it takes a charge, I'm sure it will. 

During testing I found that the red wire on the keyswitch is switched 24v. Do you see any problem with adding a 0.1amp draw to that switched red wire? Even though we won't be going up many hills, it still gets hot down here in FL. I want to add a fan to my control box that is switched with the unit. 

Thanks again for all your help.

(2.21 MB)
Great to hear that everything has arrived and is working as intended.

Adding a fan to the controller is a great idea, however, I do not have any experience with using the controller's key switch wire to supply power to a cooling fan, so I can not say with certainty that it would be okay or not.

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