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Thoughts on parts suitable for a kayak cart

Looking for thoughts/kit siutable for a cart to transport a heavy fishing kayak/gear to and from the beach. I was thinking of a hoverboard on steroids with a long T handle to the bow and the cart sitting at a balance point. Probably 300lb max weight. Salt water proof for a few seconds at launch and retrieval. Getting old but don't want to give up kayaking yet. Building the structure is not a problem. Would use 13-16" wheels. Thank you
With the current design of your electric kayak cart will the motor be submerged underwater for any amount of time?
With the manual version, depending on the launch, I will leave the kayak floating and shove the cart under it and pull them both out. In water for maybe ten seconds. Similar to the dollys they beach launch small sailboats with. On other launches, I pull the kayak onto dry land and then load. It depends on the angles, drop off and coarseness of soil. I would not need to apply power at this time, and I can adjust my technique if need be.
Missed motor part. Yes the motor would

Submersible DC motors are not a part that we carry or can get from any of our motor suppliers. I checked around online and submersible DC motors that are large enough to power a cart appear to not be available anywhere. The requirement of having a submersible motor might sink your plan for making this kayak cart so you may want to start thinking in a different direction.

I recommend trying to design the cart so the motor is above the water when the kayak is launched, something like this.


If you design a kayak cart where the motor and electronics are above water then we can supply the parts for a project like that.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I will draw up some sketches, the base where the kayak sits only needs 2" in the water, so that could be feasible
Looking now to just keep it out of the water as that is the path of least resistance , are there minimum chain lengths to consider, going for compactness. Looking at kits, the 250 watt ebike 400rpm would seem to be a starting place. Thanks
Saw this on another forum, mine would not be a scupper cart, but the drive design would be the same
(812 KB)
There is no minimum chain length, in fact the shorter the chain the better because that will help is stay on the sprockets.

A 250 Watt gear motor with 400 RPM output should be perfect for your cart. The wheel sprocket should be fairly large to keep the top speed around walking speed. We have a top speed gear ratio calculator on this page to figure out what size sprocket to use:

We can make a kit with the 250 Watt motor if you would like.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you, what is the minimum size batteries I could get away with? I do have a few 5/7ahr laying around, but did not know how much I would need. Would you say 3mph is a good max speed to shoot for with a 16" tire? It seems that a 47/55 tooth sprocket. i am not sure if I need a freewheel or not. And are anynof your ESC waterproof? And yes to the kit, just trying to get the bits and pieces and their function straight in my mind. Tim
A good 24 Volt 5Ah battery pack powering a 250 Watt motor will provide a 20-25 minute run time at full throttle, so as long as you will not be using it for more than 20 minutes round trip a 5Ah battery pack should do the job.

3mph is a good top speed to aim for with any cart that is being walked behind because 3mph is normal walking speed. If the top speed were higher the throttle could be used to lower the top speed but then the torque to the wheel would be lower and the cart would not have as much power as it could for climbing grades.

A freewheel will allow the cart to be pushed forward without any drag from the motor, but it will also prevent the motor from stopping the cart in the forward direction. For a kayak cart I imagine that a drivetrain without a freewheel would be best so that when you stop the motor the cart stops moving and will not roll forwards (unless it is on a steep hill).

Our ESCs or speed controllers as we call them are not waterproof. They can be sealed with silicone around the wires though to make then water resistant. They could be mounted with the wires pointing down so water could not get trapped in them also. So they can be made water resistant.

For the kit if you could please let us know what parts you would like included with it then we would could begin with making a part number and link for it.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Motor, sprockets, chain, ESC with reverse, throttle. Let me know if I am missing something. I should have plenty of marine wire and waterproof connections, just any proprietary connections, I would need that harness.
And just verifying that a 350w motor is not needed
Regarding the 250 or 350 Watt motor size what do you estimate the combined weight of the kayak and cart to be without the kit installed?

Also will the cart need to go up very steep grades, or only have to go up moderate grades?

Another thing to consider is that the 350 Watt motor has a flat mounting base which makes it easy to install while the 250 Watt motor does have a mounting base not so it needs a special mounting bracket made for it. Due to this the 350 Watt motor might be the better choice regardless of if its extra power is needed.


Lets say the 350 then

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