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Thoughts on parts suitable for a kayak cart

Looking for thoughts/kit siutable for a cart to transport a heavy fishing kayak/gear to and from the beach. I was thinking of a hoverboard on steroids with a long T handle to the bow and the cart sitting at a balance point. Probably 300lb max weight. Salt water proof for a few seconds at launch and retrieval. Getting old but don't want to give up kayaking yet. Building the structure is not a problem. Would use 13-16" wheels. Thank you
Is there a problem with putting a number 35 sproket on the 350 watt motor? I found a hub flange that will work for thendrive wheel and it has a nmber 35 sprocket
We do not carry any sprockets for #35 chain that will fit the 350 Watt motor. Our 350 Watt gear motor has an 11mm diameter shaft so a #35 sprocket with a smaller bore could be drilled to 11mm to make it fit though.
Are there any belt pulleys to fit the Item # MOT-36450G motor? Maybe going to a belt is overthinking it for the sand and salt? Looking at rpm and efficiency, I had figured ground speed at max rpm, but wouldn't I want it lower in rpm range for battery life? Hurricane slowed me up, so just getting back to this. Thinking 36v now and would power it with two 6ah lithium power tool batteries which I have plenty of. For my anticipated short runs, that should be adequate reserves and keep my weight down. Thanks again for all the help
The MOT-36450G motor is not made with a shaft long enough for a belt pulley, however, we can get different style 36V 350W and 36V 450W motors with pulleys for 1/2" v-belts.


Unless they are stainless steel then chains and chain sprockets will rust when exposed to salt water.

The motor is most efficient when it is delivering its power at high RPMs. If the motor is lugged and put under a heavy load at low RPMs then its efficiency declines and much of the power that it consumes is turned into heat instead of output shaft power.

If you are interested in special ordering a gear motor with belt pulley, or if you have any furher question, then please let us know.

Thank you for the quick reply, I should have also specified timing/toothed belt. Could you give a guess of % over your standard motor the special order would be? I am interested Tim
And I believe 350W should be enough,
Unfortunately, we cannot get gear motors with toothed timing belt pulleys, only with v-belt pulleys. The prices of the special order motors with v-belt pulleys are $100 for the 350 Watt and $140 for the 450 Watt.
Do you know what the shaft dimensions for the 350W would be? I could add a cog if need be . On the standard belt, do you know if they work ok at the lower rpm of the gear drive motor?
The 350 Watt motor's shaft is 11mm OD with a 4mm wide x 2mm deep keyway. I have not used one of these gear motors with a v-belt pulley in a project before so I don't know how the belt and pulleys work at the motor's lower RPMs.
Is that the standard motor or special order dimensions and do you know the length of the special order shaft? And thank you!

11mm OD with a 4mm wide x 2mm deep keyway is the shaft size for both 350W gear motors. This is the part of the shaft that the sprocket or pulley fits on and there is a larger diameter shaft section behind the 11mm section, and a left-hand 8mm threaded shaft section after the 11mm section. The 350W motor with chain sprocket has a 9mm long 11mm OD shaft section, and the 350W motor with belt pulley has an 18mm long 11mm OD shaft section.


Can you tell me if #41 chain will run on the sprocket of the 350W gear motor? I can get wide wheels (15x6 tire) with a mounted #41 sprocket that will work for this project. I know the chain will be wider. Alternative would be to get a #35 sprocket and bore it out to 11mm? Trying to make sure I have all the parts sourced before I order. Thank you

The sprocket on the 350 Watt gear motor is designed for #410 chain which is 1/2" x 1/8". #41 chain is 1/2" x 1/4" so it will work with the #410 sprocket, however, there will be a little side-to-side play between the sprocket and chain which is usually not a problem especially in slow speed applications.

I ordered the motor, but forgot the controller and throttle. Can you tell me what the difference between your three 36v thumb throttles is? I will be getting the controller with reverse

Regarding our 36 Volt thumb throttles, THR-68 has a battery level indicator and does not have a switch. THR-136, THR-137, and THR-138 have a battery level indicator and a latching switch. THR-138 has 2.8mm male terminals which are compatible with the throttle connectors on our controllers. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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