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Thoughts on parts suitable for a kayak cart

Looking for thoughts/kit siutable for a cart to transport a heavy fishing kayak/gear to and from the beach. I was thinking of a hoverboard on steroids with a long T handle to the bow and the cart sitting at a balance point. Probably 300lb max weight. Salt water proof for a few seconds at launch and retrieval. Getting old but don't want to give up kayaking yet. Building the structure is not a problem. Would use 13-16" wheels. Thank you
Thank you, parts ordered. I will post a pic and follow up as I continue. Is there a specific wire you recommend for extending to controller

The controller's battery wires and motor wires are 14 gauge, and its other wires are 22 gauge. 

We use and sell automotive grade primary wire for making wire extensions since this type of wire is engineered for use in vehicles. 

For extending the battery pack wires or motor wires we normally use 12 gauge wire, and for extending the other wires we use 22 to 18 gauge wire depending on which gauge we feel is best for the particular application. 

We are very particular about the wire that we use and sell and for larger gauge wires, we carry pure copper multistrand automotive primary wire with extremely abrasion and heat resistant cross-link polyethylene insulation. Our smaller gauge wires have vinyl insulation which is more flexible than polyethylene and we choose smaller gauge wire with a high copper strand count so it can handle repeated bending without breaking. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you Could you link which connector to buy to connect the throttle controls to th motor controler? The throttle controller came with one side for a 6 pin but the has the wires individually. Also need the connector for the battery connection as well as a recommendation for a reverse switch Thanks

The connectors for the throttle and controller are available on this page:

For the reverse switch, we recommend using a switch that takes a little bit of effort to flip to prevent it from accidentally being switched into reverse when the vehicle is moving forward, and vice-versa. A good choice for this would be our item # SWT-95 toggle switch which is available on this page:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Can you help with a wiring question from your 500w controller with reverse to your thumb throttle. It looks like the white wire from the throttle will plug into the green wire from the controller to throttle connection? If that is correct, where does the green wire from the throttle connect to
Got it, thamks!

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