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I need a manual for a 1000watt

Well I could use your help. .I have a 1000watt electric scooter from moto Tec .I've gotten no help from the place I got it from in Norco. Nor the place they sent me to. Gobowen they told it would take 24 hours several weeks ago. .they just ignore my email. .any help would be appreciated. .I've tried there website no help so fast. ..thanks in advance Rich
Most electric scooters are made in the same factories and labeled with different brand names so if you can find a manual for a similar looking scooter then that will usually do the job.

If your scooter is a big wheel, fat tire, citycoco, or hally type of electric scooter then we do have a manual for it which is attached to this reply and also available at this link:


If this is not the type of scooter that you have then please let us know a little more about it and we will check and see if we have or can find a manual for it.

I'd like to thank you for your help thus far. .this is the scooter in question. I'm looking for help with the headlight blue tooth alarm ignition unit power indicator. It's an all in one type of thing. .I need information on its function. .owner manual something along those lines
Unfortunately we do not have and are not able to find any information on the functions or operation of the Citycoco/Big Wheel scooter's instrument cluster with bluetooth, alarm, key and headlight.

Does anyone else who is reading this have an owners manual with operating instructions for the Big Wheel scooter? Or know from experience how to set the alarm and connect the bluetooth?

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