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I have built a powered beach wagon using a winch motor need  to change it.

I have 30cm wheelze tires with a 3/4 rear axle. not sure what size motor to purchase 24v350 or 24v450 never have enough hp. next 44 tooth or 36 tooth sprocket? need a freewheel clutch to fit 3/4 axle no reverse. and a chain The wagon fully loaded is around 350 lbs  Can you please help? Thanks David

We have calculators that can determine what size motor is needed to do the job.

Will the beach wagon be used on flat ground only, or will it need to go up any ramps or hills?

If the beach wagon will need to go up inclines then what is the steepest incline (in percent or degrees) that it will need to go up?


esp my wagon is used to go to beach and back home the steepest incline is 20 percent for 15 feet the rest is very slight since the motors are the same rpm i think the 24v 450 is good do you have freewheel clutch for 3/4 axle?

We ran some grade power calculations and found that the 450 Watt motor is suitable for your application with a 3.25 MPH maximum top speed gear ratio.


We have a freewheel to axle adapter for 3/4" axles which is our item # FWM-ADAPTER3 and is available on this page:

We have freewheel item # FWM-205 which is compatible with FWM-ADAPTER3 along with sprockets for bicycle chain which are compatible with FWM-205 and our 450 Watt gear motor that are available on this page:

Our 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motor item # MOT-24450G has a 420 RPM top speed and a 9 tooth sprocket. 30cm Wheeleez tires have an 11.81" diameter. Our gear ratio calculator shows that a 44 tooth sprocket (item # SPR-B44F) will provide a 3.03 MPH top speed for the beach wagon.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

thanks do I need fwm-205 and fwm-adapter 3 to make this work

Yes, those parts are needed to make it work. Here is a photo showing how the sprocket, freewheel, and axle adapter fit together.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you very much for all your help
You are welcome and thank you for using our forum.

We just added two new 24 Volt 450 Watt gear motors to our site a few minutes ago. These new 24V 450W gear motors have mounting bases so they may be easier to mount onto your beach cart than the MOT-244450G motor. They also have significantly larger motor cases which will provide better cooling than our MOT-24450G gear motor.

The item numbers for these new motors are MOT-24450SP and MOT-24450PL. They are now available on this page:


Out of these two motors, the MOT-24450SP would be the obvious choice for your beach wagon because of its lower shaft speed than the MOT-24450PL, and also because we have a sprocket for 1/2" x 1/8" bicycle chain (item # SPR-B1711) that is available for the MOT-24450SP motor.

I ran a gear ratio calculation using the MOT-24450SP motor, SPR-B1711 motor sprocket, and SPR-B48F axle sprocket.


In the gear ratio calculation shown above the top speed is a little over 3.25 MPH which is our target speed so that is something to consider. However, there is a fairly large margin of error built into our grade power calculator so a 3.64 MPH top speed would be perfectly acceptable for your application.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Good morning I have put the above Parts together and the wagon is almost 4 miles an hour which is way too fast I cannot change the rear sprocket wanting to know if you have a different size front sprocket we have 11 tooth now do we have something bigger that we could put on the motor to slow it down
A smaller motor sprocket or a larger axle sprocket would be needed to reduce the top speed.

The smallest and only sprocket for 1/2" x 1/8" bicycle chain that we can get for MOT-24450SP is 11 teeth.

We can get a 10 tooth sprocket for #428 chain that fits MOT-24450SP, however, this sprocket is 5/16" thick and you need a sprocket that is 1/8" thick. Maybe it could be machined down to 1/8" thick, I am not sure though because it is hardened steel, so that would be a question to ask a machine shop. I ran a top speed calculation with a 10 tooth motor sprocket and the top speed went from 3.64 MPH to 3.3 MPH.


A larger axle sprocket would lower the top speed however the size of the axle sprocket is limited because of the tire diameter and ground clearance.

Would installing a larger axle sprocket be a possibility or is the 48 tooth axle sprocket that is already installed the largest size sprocket that you would want to use due to ground clearance issues?
Good afternoon I already machine down the 10 tooth sprocket and the wagon is still too fast on your website you list a 9 tooth sprocket spr 109 wondering if you have that in stock if not where I could get one thank you

Yes, SPR-B109 is in stock. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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