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Modifying beach wheels for electric boost

I'm looking to add a motor, gears & battery to provide a boost to move beach wheels like this carrying a 400# catamaran. It would be best to install midway between the wheels. It does not need to be waterproof since the wheels can stay out of the water. Any ideas on how to mount and power the drive would be appreciated - Robert


The motor would need to apply power to both wheels otherwise the one wheel that was powered would lose traction and spin in the sand.

Is the axle solidly connected to both wheels and rotates with them, or do the wheels have bearings and rotate independently of the axle?
Those cat wheels have an axle that must stay upright with the hull cradles, so the wheels have bearings. I believe it would be very difficult to add a drive mechanism to those wheels. I’m thinking about adding a drive mechanism to a second smaller set of wheels (as in this photo) where I could fix the axle and then attach this smaller set of wheels as needed to the larger set of wheels. This would also make the use of the electric boost wheels optional if I have a second crew member with me or if I need to put the larger set of wheels in the salt water. Thanks, Robert

The second smaller set of wheels look like they may be Wheeleez brand wheels, in which case adapters are available to solidly attach them to a live axle. Then the live axle could have a sprocket which attaches to a gear motor with a chain.

We have helped dozens of people build beach wagons that have Wheeleez wheels so that is something we are very familiar with.

We have many beach wagon kits which would work for your project. Here is a link to them:

We can also make a new kit specifically for your project. If you are interested in this then we could begin with the diameter of the wheels to figure out the gear ratio and sprocket sizes.

That's great, thanks! I will get some specs together and be back in touch.


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