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36 Volt 350 Watt 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter EW 18 (Zappy)

Hi, I added another 12Watt 12Amp battery to my 36 Volt 350 Watt 3 Wheel EW-18. It went up in speed from 14mph to 20mph. The only problems I have so far is that I had to extend the battery cover using the top 3.5 inches of a hard shell from the inside of a cooler to fit another battery in the compartment. I also have to disconnect one of the batteries to charge 3 then connect it back and disconnect another one to make sure all four get charged.

Would getting a 48 Volt Charger fix this issue?

Will my 350 Watt motor handle all four batteries and the 20mph speed for the long haul?

Should I consider getting a 48 volt controller to match to charger if I do upgrade?

Then, last of all, should I go ahead and get a 500 Watt front wheel hub motor to be safe?

Also my brake on the front wheel is getting stressed slowing down from 20mph. is there a rear brake option for the scooter below? I do not mind putting a little money into it. The frame is solid. Thanks, Andy

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Sorry, I mean a 12 Volt 12 Amp Battery.

A 48 Volt charger would be able to recharge all four batteries without needing to disconnect any of them.

Whether the 36 Volt 350 Watt motor will hold up to running on 48 Volts depends on how hot it gets while it is running. Voltage does not burn out electric motors it is excessive heat that burns them out. The motor is designed to run on 36 Volts so running it on 48 Volts is bound to make it run hotter than it was designed for. To make the motor last a long time we recommend to run it at its original 14 MPG speed as much as possible and to only run it at 20 MPH intermittently.

If the 36 Volt controller is not overheating or burning out with the 48 Volt battery pack then there should be no need to change it.

Installing a 48 Volt 500 Watt hub motor would provide more reliability than using the 36 Volt 350 Watt hub motor.

We do not know of any aftermarket rear brake kits for the EW 18 scooter.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your thorough response. I will be sure to only use the speed now and then. If the hub motor burns out then I will upgrade it to a 500 Watt but until then it seems to handle the extra battery power. I will price a charger on ebay unless you have one for sale. Thanks, Andy

You are welcome and thank you for using our forum.

We have several different models of 48 Volt battery charger available on our 48 Volt charger page at this link:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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