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KIT-481800-01 48 Volt 1800 Watt Brushless Motor Kit

I have some questions about this 1800w brushless kit. 

1) I would like to purchase some parts of the kit, but not all. Are you able to create a custom kit with just the parts I need? 

2) Can i use a thumb throttle with this kit? If so, Which style wire connectors do i need so the throttle cable hooks up with similar connector style as the speed controller? (ex: some are for white connector and others are for black connector.)

3) From the kit, I am looking for the motor with the plate mount, speed controller, thumb throttle, and a charger. I would do this online but Im not sure if the motor i selected has the plate mount, or if the thumb throttle will work. Thanks for the help!

Yes, we can create a custom kit with just the parts that you need.

A thumb throttle can be included with and will work with the kit. We install matching and labeled connectors on all parts of the kit including the throttle so it will plug directly into the controller right out of the box. The mating connector for the controller's throttle connector is our item # CNX-W2.8FH-3T.

Here are links to the motor and controller:



Buying these parts as a kit would take the guesswork out of how to connect them together.

We could go ahead and make the custom kit if you could please let us know the item numbers for the thumb throttle and charger that you would like included?

Thank you for the quick response! I would also need this charger (CHR-48V3AXLR) And this plug in (CNX-XLR10). Also this throttle, THR-139. Thanks again!

Also, am I able to order the motor with a different sprocket on it? I am looking for a 13 tooth 8mm sprocket for the motor shaft. How many tooth sprocket does the motor usually come with? how does the motor sprocket mount to the shaft? is it a "d bore" or a "double d bore" ect. Thanks

Okay, we can add those parts to the kit. What controller function, if any, would you like the switch on THR-139 to have, it could be the main power switch or the low/high power output selector switch?

The 1800 Watt motor has a 10 tooth sprocket for 8mm chain that is factory installed on it. This motor has a shaft for 10mm double D-bore sprockets. We carry 11 tooth and 13 tooth sprockets for 8mm chain that will fit the motor. Would you like one of these sprockets to be included with the kit?

Thank you for the continued help! 

The switch on the throttle can be for the low/high output switch.( I did not know this was a function until now), so i guess I will want to add the SWT-95 for my main on/off. (thanks for the option there).

I would like the 13 tooth added to the kit. that way i can have the 10 and the 13.

Can i get the motor that has the plate mount on it? Im not sure if i can mount it with the plate or if i have to mount it with the internal threaded screw holes. (I am converting a custom bar stool kart into an electric driven version.) so i wont know how i will mount it until i have it to mock up. If i get the motor with the plate mount, am I limited to only mounting it that way? Or can i still use the threaded holes if need be? 

Does the controller have some kind of output 48 VDC that can be used for accessory wiring? I wold like to convert 48 volt to 12 volts for LEDs. I have a converter i can use, but i would need the 48 volt supply. I know i can just create a 48v bus, and pull off of that, but if the controller has that option, i would like to utilize it. 

Thanks again!  

Also, what will be be the best approach to using reverse. I might have to swap the motor wires depending on which way it spins. But i would also like reverse if that is an option. Thanks

I also need to add a few things to the kit.

 I need another (CNX-XLR10) for a total of 2 in the kit. 

I also need one of these  (GRP-12T) and one of these GRP-10T.

I also need (2) (FUS-ATO40)


After going though the website a few times, I think I narrowed down a list for the kit. (Sorry for the multiple comments and questions)

I am still just wondering about a few things: reverse, emergency shutoff, and a possible battery indicator that would show voltage and amp draw?


Parts for the kit 

  • MOT-481800BLDC-MB (1)
  • SPR-813 (1)
  • SPD-481800BLDC (1)
  • CHR-48V3A3P (1) i need this instead of xlr
  • CNX-515 (2) i need this instead of xlr
  • SWT-95 (1)
  • THR-139 with low/high output function to controller (1)
  • FUS-ATO40 (2)
  • GRP-12T (1)
  • GRP-10T (1)

is there any way I can have the motor come wired to spin the motor shaft in CCW direction?


Except for the addition of the mounting base, the motor with mounting base is the same as the motor without mounting base, so it can be mounted with its internal threaded screw holes if needed.

The controller has battery meter output wires that output the same Voltage as the battery pack when the power switch is on. This battery meter power output is only designed to run an LED battery meter though so I would not use it to power a DC-DC Voltage converter. I would run the Voltage converter directly from the battery pack through a 48 Volt bus with a switch to turn it on and off.

For reverse, it would be optimal to use a controller that has a reverse function built into it such as our item # SPD-481500BLDC. With this controller, a reverse switch could be wired directly to it. It also has functions for regenerative braking, cruise control, 3 speed control power limiting that works with THR-139, and it has connectors for an alarm.

We could add an emergency shutoff switch such as item # SWT-705 to the kit.

We could add a battery status indicator to the kit such as item # MET-W48V. We do not currently (no pun intended) carry any indicators that show Amp draw.

The SPD-481500BLDC controller has learning wires that we can use to program it to run the motor in the CCW direction for forward, and CW for reverse. Although this controller is listed for motors up to 1500 Watts, it has a maximum output of 45 Amps so it can output around 2200 Watts and will work with a 1800 Watt motor very well. We are adding 50 Amp ATO fuses to the website next week which could be used with the kit, or a 50, 60, or 63 Amp circuit breaker could be used.

Please let us know your thoughts on all of this and which parts to include with the kit now that you have this new information?


Thank you for all the help and info on the parts. My set up is going to be custom so I don't think the kit will be necessary. I already purchased all the parts i needed from your site, just not as a kit. I chose the SPD-481500BLDC controller and I am glad I did. Attached are a few pics of the build.

(3.05 MB)
(2.3 MB)
(2.59 MB)
(2.92 MB)
Thanks for attaching those photos. The kart looks great. I especially like that you left the wires exposed and did not try to hide them behind plastic or metal panels. The exposed wires give the kart a sci-fi back to the future car type of look which is awesome!

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