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My kid wants to convert his scooter to electric

My son had a basic scooter with the close to 8 inch wheels , I will attach picture. What parts and how do we modify his scooter to electric I.e. Battery, motors, belt, switch control with 2 speeds , how will it brake?
(1.28 MB)
(2.14 MB)
Our electric scooter kit item # KIT-102 along with a wheel sprocket for #25 chain and #25 chain would be a good candidate to use for adding electric power to a push scooter like that.

We can supply the power kit and most of the drivetrain parts for the project, however the vision of how and where to install the parts is something that we are not able to help very much with. We recommend drawing a build plan of where all of the parts will go on the scooter to make sure that everything will fit together as it needs to. As far as brakes go there are no off the shelf brake parts made for that scooter so a bicycle caliper or v-brake would probably need to be retrofitted onto the scooter to use as a braking system.

Performing a modification like that would be challenging and provide a lot of opportunity for learning mechanical and engineering skills.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
How much is each part and how fast can it be shipped to Montreal for free I assume
The kit is $199.95 USD and the price of the sprocket and chain varies depending on which ones you decide to purchase. Unfortunately shipping is not free however we do have some economical shipping options for packages being delivered to Canada including FedEx International Ground.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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