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Speed controller and motor wattage

Hi guys i am fairly new with electric scooters. I have some questions since im trying to build an electric scooter will a 350 watts controller work with a 500 watts motor? The reason im asking this is these are exactly the parts i have right now. A 36 volt 350 watts controller and a 36 volt 500 watt motor What are the disadvantage of this set up? Will the controller have a shorter life span with this set up?
They will work together, however, the 350 Watt controller will limit the power that the 500 Watt motor can produce. If the scooter is used to go up hills or through sand or mud then the 350 Watt controller may run hot and eventually burn it out. The same thing could happen to a 500 Watt controller under demanding conditions also though.
Thank you for your reply i guess i will have to look for a matching controller then.

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