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Electric Scooter - How to get the best range?

Hi, I am trying to work out how to specify an electric motor sit-on scooter purely to get the very best range between charges with a performance that works ok travelling around town so it handles inclines ok.

So if the battery options are either 48v 20Ah or 60v 20Ah, and the motor can be anything from 500w to 3000w, what combination would you recommend and with what controller to get the best range and performance? A mentioned its the range between charges that I'm most keen on.

Any thoughts would be welcome!


The bigger the battery pack is, and smaller the motor, is the longer the range will be between recharges.

The battery pack size is usually limited by the amount of battery space on the scooter or how much weight it can carry, and the motor size is usually limited by how fast the scooter needs to go or what amount of incline it needs to travel up, so a middle ground has to be found between battery size and motor power so the scooter has the range needed along with the speed and power needed.

Thank you for the very clear and fast reply! Last question, where does the controller fit in determining performance and range? For example, with a 48v 20Ah battery and a 1200w motor, are there any options in the specification of the controller that could improve performance and range?
The controller does not affect performance or range so long as it is matched with the motor, such as a 500 Watt controller matched up with a 500 Watt motor. I suppose that a controller with a lower Watts rating than the motor could be installed to lower performance and increase range, however in that case then a motor with a lower Watts rating should also be installed to keep the weight of the scooter and cost of parts down.

Thanks again that's really clear! So my last question would be: For a scooter with a maximum speed of say 28 mph, to handle inclines of say maximum 1 in 5, with a passenger load of say maximum 200 lbs, what Li battery would you recommend and with what motor in order to get the best range?

We recommend a minimum motor power of 1000 Watts for those parameters and since a 1000 Watt motor is on the low end of the needed power the scooter would slow down when traveling uphill. A 1600 Watt motor would provide more uphill power and speed but at the cost of more battery power consumption and lower range.

The Lithium battery or battery pack should be rated for a continuous current output that is a little higher than the controller's maximum current rating. For example, if the controller has a maximum current of 30 Amps, then the battery should have a maximum continuous current rating of 32 Amps or higher.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

That is really great support, clear and precise. Thank you so much from 'across the pond', Ray

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