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Power suddenly trip off when i ride my scooter

Hi anyone, good day! I would like to share my problem on my escooter, she was 1year old, i dont know if it is battery problem cause everytime i ride will last only for a couple of meters then the power will shut off, it wont turn on unless you plug unto charger, i hang and let spin the wheel with full throttle, its same thing the power will shut off. I saw on the voltage indicator its 41.5v and shes 36v, a speedway 3 mini. Is this a battery problem? Or any wiring which is loose in connection?

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We just right now got the same problem. It is with our Busetto 45 km El-Scooter. It runs for some kilometers, then switch totally off. Only thing is to disconnect the battery cable and reconnect. Turning key off/on is no help.

We are looking around for the cause and possible solution to this problem. 

I also have this same problem and can not figure it out. I only make it about 20 feet and then the scooter turns off. I unplug the battery and then plug it back in and I can go about 20 feet again. I did try to go as slow as possible and ended up being able to go for a bit longer, but as soon as I have it even a little more throttle, it would die. I need help please!!!!!!!!!

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