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Schwinn Electric S750 to Gas Conversion

I am starting a project.  Yes...Its crazy.

I am converting a Schwinn S750 electric scooter to gas.

    The engine that I will be using is a Honda GX200 (196cc).
    I will be using a Torque Converter.
    I want to use the swing arm from a 50cc pocket bike.
    I will be extending the rear tire mounting points from the Scooter frame by almost 4 inches.
    I will fabricate a mounting plate to use the swing arm from the 49cc pocket bike to mount to the swing arm

What I need guidance on is….what can I do or use to make this a left hand drive.  The Honda GX200 shaft is on the left side.

Any help or advise will be appreciated.  And it is alright to tell me I am crazy for wanting to do this. 

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