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electric knee walker

Hi, I'm a lower limb amputee and would like to go long distance trail walking. I'm thinking of ditching my prosthesis and using an electric knee-walker instead. Please can someone help with how I might make this happen.

My weight + backpack.

Max speed 3-5 mph.

All-terrain large wheels.

Low speed, long distance/time.

Solar charging?

Many thanks, Mark

Our beach cart kits with gear motors are designed for speeds in the range of 3 to 5 miles per hour so they would be a good place to start. Here is a link to them: https://cart.electricscooterparts.com/SearchResults.asp?search=beach

The drivetrain or more specifically the motor and wheel sprockets and chain will be the most challenging parts to match together with each other. Our gear motors have sprockets for 1/2" pitch chain and our scooter wheels have sprockets for 1/4" and 8mm pitch chain. However, there is a company called Rebel Gears that custom makes wheel sprockets and could make a sprocket for 1/2" pitch chain that would fit our scooter or dirt bike wheels. 

A nice heavy-duty wheel to consider is our item # RMX-REARWHEEL which is available on this page: https://www.electricscooterparts.com/electricdirtbikewheels.html

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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