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Battery realted information

Hi I am trying to convert my old bike into an electric motor bike. In my small research i came to know that Lifepo4 batteries are better than Lithium batteries. So please help me suggesting the right V and Ah combination type Battery. Also suggest what Watt of motor should i order from your site if i have to achieve a average speed of 70-80km/hr with a average of 100+km run on a single charge. Thanks Akshansh

Will the bike need to climb hills or will it be used on relatively flat ground only? 

If the bike will need to go up hills, do you need to achieve a minimum speed of 70km/hr while going up hills, or is it okay for the bike to slow down when going up hills? 

Relatively flat ground. If the experiment goes well will show this model to a investor so please suggest

For relatively flat ground our 60 Volt 2000 Watt motor would have enough power for a 70km/hr top speed. For a 100km range on flat ground, a 40Ah battery pack is recommended.

Ok. So please share link of both Lifepo4 battery and motor from your site Also share required controller for the same
By 40Ah Battery pack pack you mean 60V 40Ah Lifepo4 battery?

Yes, since you are interested in LiFePO4 batteries I was referring to a 60 Volt 40Ah LiFePO4 battery or battery pack.

We carry a 60 Volt 2000 Watt brushless motor which is our item # MOT-602000BLDC and is available on this page:

Our 60 Volt 2000 Watt brushless motors arrived before our 60 Volt 2000 Watt brushless motor controllers did so they are not in stock yet, however, they will be in stock in a few weeks and will be available on this page:

We do not carry 60 Volt 40Ah batteries or battery packs so that part would need to be sourced from a different store. We do carry many other parts needed for the electrical system though such as throttles, switches, fuses, circuit breakers, wires, connectors, chain, sprockets, etc.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi Thank you so much for all the help. So will order motor and contoller from above given links. But will also need batteries and as you don’t have them could you please suggest sources or sites from where I can get them. Thanks

We do not have any suggestions for where to purchase the batteries. We could, of course, find sources for them online, however, we do not want to recommend battery sellers that we do not have experience with. 

Ok Thanks so much for helping so much. Will find a sutable battery seller and will get back to you

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