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wrong pot mot-b24400

I'm using this motor for a non scooter type application. I was using an analog 5k pot with no issues. That pot broke and was going to replace it with a digital one. I mistakenly purchased a 10k one instead. Since this motor has a built in controller, I cannot troubleshoot easily how to modify the circuit to get it to work in a stable manner. Any suggestions other than the obvious of buy a 5k digital pot lol?
I found a buddy with an extra 5k digital pot. I hook it all up and nothing.... sometimes it will jump out of nowhere for who knows what reason. I am using a MCP-4151 digital pot. I measured the throttle connection across the high and low with just power applied and got 5vdc which is what this pot is made for and how it is hooked up. Without the motor hooked to it, everything works fine. Any suggestions or advice?


That motor was originally used with an analog potentiometer so if the motor is not working with a digital potentiometer then all I can think of is to use an analog potentiometer instead.

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