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Something like an Army Mule

Add the link incase you were not familiar with this piece of equipment. I don't want to build anything to these exact specs but something with the same general purpose. Plane is to construct the frame out of aluminum and you a hard abs plastic for the bed help keep weight down. The goal is to use the vehicle in the woods to carry gear and one rider. I have read some other responses on the forum and there are several that are close to what I am looking for but just wanted to ask to make sure. I would like  to vehicle to handle 800 to 1000lb with rider. I am more concern with towing and hauling than speed. I did use the gear ratio calculator and saw that about 450 rpms with a 4:1 gear puts me around 4 mph. This speed is fine a little faster wouldn't hurt and a little slower wouldn't hurt. I want to make sure it can carry a load over inclines and mixed terrain. I am not against using two motors if that works better for this setup. I want to control speed also have a reverse, I like the option you sell with the built in brake. I have seen some option online where you have and actual selector switch for forward and reverse not sure if y'all have something like that, its not a must have. As far as throttle I can work with a pedal or a hand throttle. Any guidance you can give on this project would be great. If you work me up a kits that would help if not I can piece meal the parts together. Almost forgot, I am trying to keep the setup fairly light cause there are time this will be transported by boat and we are designing it so the frame can be broke down for transport. Thank you.

We have a 48 Volt 1000 Watt gear motor that would be good for a 1000 pound vehicle geared for a 4 MPH top speed. If the vehicle needs to climb steep hills then two of these motors would be better than one. We have reversing contactors to take care of forward, park, and reverse directions with the flip of a switch. We have heavy-duty controllers and hand, foot, or cable pull throttles. 

All of these parts are available individually and we could work on making a kit out of the parts once which parts are needed is narrowed down also. A good place to start is with the gear ratio and sprocket sizes which it sounds like you have already done. If you would like for us to start working on a kit or make further parts suggestions then please let us know your thoughts on which motor, throttle, and battery size you are leaning towards and we can take it from there. 

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