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"Scrooser" style 60v scooter from titanium?

I am starting to build a scooter trailer from scratch and found titanium an awesome option, though expensive.

I started thinking though, perhaps I could rebuild the entire scooter's frame with titanium tubes. It seems they would be much lighter than the steel motorcycle frame tubes of the "Scrooser" giving it much farther range per charge. I noticed that the "Citycoco" style frame is really a motorcycle frame cut in half and upside-down, so they are always solid steel.

Steel might be cheaper, but it is a difference of spending like $50 on the steel tubes or $300 for titanium.

I am trying to build this cargo trailer so that I can attach a third 18.5" wheel and drag it to generate power while carrying an extra battery and solar panels. So, lightness is what I'm trying to achieve. Actually extend the range by dragging something...

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