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Need help from tech support to build a kit

I’m looking to put together a kit for a custom cart. I called and was referred to this forum to get help from tech support advisor to build the kit. I would prefer to do this over the phone though.

I’ll also want to get the most powerful/quickest charger you offer for the 24 volt system... are the chargers set up to automatically cut off to prevent damage to batteries from overcharging?

A 35Ah battery pack may or may not be sufficient depending on what type of surfaces the beach cart is driven on and how many miles or minutes it is driven per day. If it will be used on the street or sidewalk to get from home to the beach, and then not used too much in deep sand then a 35Ah battery pack may be sufficient. If it is driven to the beach in the back of a truck and used in deep sand most of the time then I think a 50Ah battery pack would be a better choice. If you have any concerns that a 35Ah battery pack might not be large enough then I would go for the 50Ah pack instead. 

If a certain size 24 Volt battery pack does not provide enough runtime then a second identical 24 Volt battery pack can be piggybacked onto it to double the battery pack's size and capacity. This way if the battery pack winds up not having enough capacity then there is nothing lost on the first battery pack and two additional batteries can be combined with it to double its size. 

All of our battery chargers are fully automatic and will stop charging the battery pack on their own after the charging cycle is complete to prevent overcharging. 

The most powerful 24 Volt battery charger that we carry is 6 Amps. I ran some calculations and a 24V 6A charger will recharge a deeply discharged 24V 35Ah battery pack in 7 hours and will recharge a deeply discharged 24V 50Ah battery pack in 10 hours. If the battery packs are not deeply discharged then the recharge times will be shorter. 

We can special order 24 Volt battery chargers up to 12 Amps. A 24 Volt 12 Amp charger would recharge the battery packs in half the time as a 24 Volt 6 Amp charger. We have the 6 Amp chargers in stock though and the 12 Amp charger would take us around a week to get in stock.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Let’s do the 50ah batteries and the 12amp charger.
Are the controllers prone to overheating? Do they have any type of fan?
Will I need a handbrake? If so is it wired into the motor or a rotor/caliper setup??
Just confirming sprockets will be included.?.
Do you have a solar panel charger?
And what length of chain comes with kit?

Our controllers do not have fans and they are not prone to overheat unless used beyond their capacity. The SPD-241000D controller we have in mind for your kit is extremely robust and has large heatsinks for cooling so you will not need to worry about it overheating.

The reverse contactors that we use will apply an electromagnetic brake to the motor when the reverse switch is in its middle "park" position. This electronic brake will hold a vehicle at a standstill on flat ground and low grades, however, the vehicle may slowly creep forward or backward on moderate to steep grades so if it needs to be parked on grades then a mechanical parking brake might be needed. There is no place on the motor to mount a mechanical brake so it would need to be mounted to the axle. 

The 24 Volt 650 Watt gear motor has a 10 tooth sprocket for #41/#420 which is factory installed on it. The axle sprocket and matching hub for 3/4" axle will be included with the kit. The original gear ratio that I calculated was for a 500 RPM gear motor and the 24V 650W gear motor is 530 RPM so I can include a 72 tooth sprocket with the kit to make up for the extra motor speed. 

We do not carry solar panel battery chargers. That is something we will need to look into carrying in the future though. 

I believe that I have all of the information needed to put together the custom kit so I will get started on it. After it is put together then I can still make changes to it so if I miss anything or if you would like anything changed about it that is no problem at all. I will reply again once it is ready.

In the meantime, if you have any further question then please let me know.

I will need a mechanical brake that has the ability to lock(park brake). A disc/caliper set up with right hand lever is preferred.
Thinking a 160mm disc
Is 50amp controller going to be strong enough?

The 24 Volt 650 Watt motor is continuously rated for 650 Watts (27 Amps) and intermittently rated for 1300 Watts (54 Amps) so a controller with a 50 Amp current limit is a nearly perfect match to use with it for high power applications. A controller with a 54 Amp current output is the most powerful one that should be used with the motor, so finding one with a 50 Amp current output is about as close as you could get to being at the limit of the motor's intermittent power rating without going over it. 

We have everything needed for the braking system with locking brake lever and can make a separate kit for them if you would like. Here are the parts that we could make the brake kit with.

I have got the beach cart power kit finished. It is our item # KIT-24650G-10. Here is the link to it:

If there is anything you would like changed or modified on the kit then please let us know.

What’s the on/off switch used for? Why do I need “3” way key switch vs “2” way? Does the switch in the thumb control switch to reverse? I need the brake system you sent added to kit.

I added the SWT-96 on-off switch to the kit by mistake instead of an SWT-97 on-off-on switch. I have got that fixed now. The SWT-97 on-off-on switch is used for the forward-park-reverse switch.

The 3-way key switch is added to the kit by pure necessity since we do not have a 2-way key switch which has two normally open sets of contacts like the 3-way switch has. We wire the kit's 3-way key switch so at its far left position the power is off, and at its middle and far right position the power is on. 

We would prefer to have a 2-way key switch for the kit however only in the last week or two have we had requests for kits with reverse and a key switch so we had not thought to order them until now.

2-way key switches with two normally open sets of contacts are not a standard part so they have to be custom ordered from a switch factory which we will do so that we have 2-way key switches for our kits with reverse in the future. This process takes a while though so it may be around 4-6 weeks before we have them. 

The switch on the thumb throttle is not used for anything. I included that thumb throttle with the kit because it is the highest quality on that we carry, even though it has a switch that is not used.

I will start working on the brake kit now and reply again as soon as it is ready.

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